How to Generate OTP (One Time Password) from Yahoo Mail?

Yahoo will enforce strict policies to ensure high standards of connectivity security are met. However, this has the unfortunate consequence of creating incompatibility with older devices and software. Yahoo had secured its systems for accessing Yahoo mailboxes in third party applications. Eariler "Less Secure Apps" feature was available. Now, Yahoo had replaced that with Generate One Time Password. User can use that password to sign in Yahoo account on third party applications such as Outlook, Thunderbird, IOS Mail, etc.

In order to use the feature of Yahoo Backup Tool , you have to generate One Time Password from Yahoo Mail Account. Below is the complete guide for enabling this feature.

Note: From 1st Feb 2020, Yahoo has replaced Less Secure App Feature with One Time Password. Follow the instructions below to know how to generate OTP and Sign in Yahoo ID from Advik Yahoo Backup Tool

Step 1. Login your Yahoo Mail Account at Yahoo Security Setting .
After Login Navigate to Account Security >> Generate app Password .

generate otp from yahoo

Step 2. Click Other App from the menu.

generate one time password from yahoo

Step 4. Name your app as Advik Yahoo Backup and click Generate.

generate otp from yahoo mail

Step 5. Now Yahoo will generate password for Advik Yahoo Backup Tool.

Enable Less Secure Apps

Use this password or Copy & Paste this password for signing in from Advik Yahoo Backup Tool.

Generate OTP from Yahoo Mail