Terms & Conditions

Before using Advik Software, users are recommended to read the Terms & Services carefully to use this website. this page hold the entire information to use this website and users are advice to not pursue this website if it is involve in illegal activities of terms and services.

Terms of Use

Without giving notification to users, the tools provided on Advik Software site could be modified with the change in technologies. We carry the copyrights to change content and information posted on the sites, therefore, none of the reproduction, distribution or recreation will be taken into consideration. If any of the users is found involved in legal activities, then we hold the right to take strict legal actions against those users..

Further Communications

While interacting with users via emails, it conveys that the email id of the user can be taken into account in future communications by us. Any electronic means for communication like emails, posts, etc. can be used to communicate with a user. .

Breaching of Terms and Conditions

Any kind of violation from user’s end is strictly unbearable. In such cases, we have right to take following actions:

Product & Services

Any software suggested on the website has its own terms and conditions.any issue in software quality, then we are not responsibe because its purily created by publishers. User are advised to use this software its own risk. We are not promoting any of the suggested products and are not involved with any of the associated legal issues.