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Advik Email Migration Tool

Most opted solutions by experts to migrate emails from one email account to another. Download the Advik Email Migration Tool for both Windows & Mac OS to transfer mailboxes from cloud to cloud. This Email Migrator supports more than 300+ email services.

  • Migrate mailbox data from multiple email accounts in one go
  • Supports email services like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Office 365, Zoho Mail, etc.
  • Display mailbox folder preview to select desired items
  • Maintain folder and subfolder hierarchy during email migration
  • Advanced email filter feature to migrate specific emails also
  • Export emails from different email accounts to 200+ email services
  • Support email migration from cPanel email accounts as well
  • Easy to install and run, No technical assistance is required
  • Widely compatible with both Windows & OS Versions

Why Choose Advik Email Migrator Software?

Know the best features of the All-in-One Email Migrator Tool

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There are unlimited reasons to choose this program as this all-in-one Email Migration Software is packed with many advanced features that users will find helpful in transferring emails from one account to another. Its most important feature is its ability to move emails from over 90 email sources, so users don't need to look for individual software for each email account. The tool is a convenient solution as it allows users to migrate any IMAP/POP-supported webmail application. Additionally, the software offers over 30 output options for saving their webmail account emails to different file formats or cloud apps.

The tool also provides various email filters to selectively move email folders, live email migration status updates, batch transfer for multiple user accounts in a single attempt, and more. Also, this Email Migration Tool doesn’t delete or change any data in the source email application; it simply creates a copy of all the data on your local hard drive or another cloud app, following your instructions.

Migrate Emails from Any Source

This best email migration tool has been updated with new algorithms that let users transfer their emails and mailbox data from various email sources. The tool is compatible with almost any email service provider & moves emails from over 90 email service providers, including AOL Mail, Gmail, AT&TMail, and many more. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for both home and professional users. This tool eliminates the need for other software because it allows you to select the specific email source from which you want to transfer email data. Thus, you can transfer emails from one email account to another directly from this toolkit.

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transfer multiple email accounts in bulk

Transfer Multiple user accounts in Bulk

Sometimes, people have multiple email accounts for different purposes. If you need to transfer all your emails from multiple accounts at once, you can do it easily with the best email migration tool. Just save all your email account user IDs and passwords in a CSV file (one account per row), and then upload this file using the tool's Batch Mode option. This feature saves time by moving multiple email accounts simultaneously, without any interruptions.

Advanced Email Filter Feature

If you want to get rid of complete email migration, you can opt for this option. This software offers different filters to customize your results. This advanced email filter option is available for both home as well as corporate users. The smart filtering option allows you to transfer selective emails based on criteria like subject, recipient, and date sent. You can even migrate emails from specific dates with just a few clicks by selecting the start and end dates.

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move emails from cloud to cloud

Transfer Emails to 90+ Email Accounts

In today's world, migrating email is a crucial task that everyone should do regularly. It's the best way to keep our emails and cloud data safe and accessible, especially in tough situations. With email migration software, you can make a copy of your webmail emails and save them to various places, like your computer or another cloud service. The tool lets you back up and sync webmail emails to different formats and various IMAP-based email services. You can also have the option to extract email addresses from emails and attachments from webmail accounts to your computer using this handy tool.

Other Highlighted Key Features of the Best Email Migration Tool

Batch Email Account Migration

This is one of the most demanded features and now is available in Advik Email Migration Tool Version 11.2. This feature enables batch migration. You can migrate emails from more than one email account in a single attempt. You don't have to undergo with same migration process with each account again and again.

Maintains Folder Structure

Using the easy-to-use email migrator, users can transfer emails from any source account to another while keeping all the original data intact. The tool creates a new label in your account, that will display the converted data in the same folder structure as before.

Tenant-to-Tenant Migration

No matter which mailing service you are using, the software can transfer mailboxes from one account to its tenant account. You can choose a direct option or choose IMAP. Therefore you will be able to transfer folders from Gmail to Gmail, Office 365 to Office 365, etc.

Selective Data Migration

Advik Email Migration Software allows you to choose your desired mailbox folder. So that you can import the selected email folder to another email program. Thus, you do need not to move the complete email account. You can choose an email folder to migrate or transfer.

Multiple Email Migration Options

You can migrate your emails from one account to another. The software allows you to transfer your emails to Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Office 365,, Exchange Server, Rediffmail, IceWrap, AWS Workmail, G Suite, and almost any email service provider.

Backup Emails to Desktop

This Email Backup Wizard0 is an all-in-one solution. You can backup your emails to local drive in more than 20+ file formats. There are more than 90+ popular email services that are officially supported in this application. Save your emails to hard drive securely as a mirror copy.

Simple & User-Friendly Interface

The best email migration tool has a straightforward and user-friendly interface. You don't need any technical skills to use it; anyone can transfer emails from one account to another with ease, regardless of their technical background. Best suitable for non-technical users.

Unlimited Migration

There is no limitation inbound with the Advik Email Migration Tool. You are allowed to transfer or copy emails from unlimited accounts. Also, you can migrate multiple email mailboxes in one single attempt. A single License Key is validated for a Lifetime.

24/7 Customer Care Support

Any difficulty while using Advik Software? Don't Worry! We provide 24/7/365 dedicated customer care support for our valuable customers. You can contact us via Live Chat or drop us an email at Our experts will assist you in solving all types of product queries.

Supports Both Windows and Mac OS Versions

This tool works on all versions of Windows, from the latest like Windows 11 to older ones like Windows XP and Vista. It's compatible with both 64-bit and 32-bit Windows systems. Additionally, you can use this tool on any Mac operating system, including Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina.

How Advik Email Migration Tool Works

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Software Specifications

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System Requirements

Processor Pentium Class or higher

Operating System Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7

Memory 1 GB recommended

Hard Disk 100 MB of free space

License Delivery

Electronic Yes

License & Version

Lite License For Personal/Home Users

Pro License For Business/Coorporate Users

Migration License For Business/Coorporate Users

Version 11.2

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can transfer emails from multiple email accounts (from same Email Service provider) in a single attempt.

  • Step 1. Run tool and choose your email service.
  • Step 2. Sign in and click Next.
  • Step 3. Choose mailbox folders to export.
  • Step 4. Choose a saving option from the list.
  • Step 5. Apply filters if required and click Backup.

Finished! This is how you can easily tranfer emails from one account to another email account.

Yes, you can transfer emails from Yahoo to Gmail using this software.

You have to enable Less Secure Apps and IMAP settings. Click Here to know how to enable settings to start using Advik Email Migration Tool.

Yes, the software offers you to choose selective email folder(s) (like Inbox, Sent Items, Drafts, any customized folder) from your email account as per your choice.

Yes, With Advik Email Migration Tool's advanced email filter feature, you can apply date range filter to transfer emails secifically.

Yes, the Advik Email Migration tool is designed to preserve the original folder structure of your emails during migration.