How to Export Yahoo Mail to PST file Without Outlook?

Max Wright | August 20th, 2021 | Email Backup, Yahoo Mail

Are you searching the best way to export Yahoo Mail to PST? If yes, then your search has now come to end. In this article, you will learn to transfer emails from Yahoo to PST in an easy manner. This is the easiest way to backup Yahoo emails to PST file.

PST stands for Personal Storage Table. PST file format is developed by Microsoft for MS Outlook. This file is a master repository file for storing emails, folders, labels, attachments, and all other personal information that is used by Outlook.

Yahoo Mail is also known as Ymail. It was launched in 1997. Yahoo Mail has the storage capacity of 1 TB, the user can send emails of up to 25 MB including attachments (up to 100 MB via the built-in ‘Attach Large Files’ app). The user can access Yahoo Mail from Web or by using any third-party email client application.

Convinent Ways to Convert Yahoo to PST

#1. With Advik Yahoo Backup Tool – Export Yahoo Mailbox to PST Instantly (No MS Outlook Required)

#2. Manual Process – For users having MS Outlook Installed

Yahoo mail does not provide any official solution to export backup of Yahoo mail mailbox. In order to export the backup of Yahoo mailbox to PST file format, you can follow the below solutions to accomplish the task.

Method 1. How to Export Yahoo Mail to PST Without Outlook

Download and Install Advik Yahoo Backup tool in your Windows machine. This software is specially designed to convert Yahoo email folder to Outlook .pst file. The software is very easy to use and also offers you to apply email filters to backup only specific messages.

  • Maintain mailbox fodler hierarchy
  • Choose single or multiple folders to export
  • Apply email filters if required
  • Preserve email attachments
  • Unlimited folder download and conversion

Note: Generate One Time Password from Yahoo Mail to Sign in from Advik Yahoo Backup Tool


Steps to Export Yahoo Emails to PST file are;

Step 1. Run the tool and enter your Yahoo login credentials.

export yahoo to pst

Step 2. Select mailbox folders to export.

export yahoo to pst

Step 3. Select PST from Select Saving Option.

export yahoo to pst

Step 4. Click on the Convert button.

export yahoo to pst

Optional: Apply Email Filters if required for selective email conversion.

That’s it, the tool will immediately start the process of exporting. As soon as the export process completed the tool notifies you, then click OK.

This is how you can export Yahoo emails to PST file without Outlook. Now you can easily import this converted .pst file into Outlook to access Yahoo emails without any configuration.

Method 2. How to Backup Yahoo Emails to PST Using MS Outlook

Step 1. Open Yahoo Mail and go to settings.

Step 2. Enable IMAP and Third party access to Generate OTP for Yahoo mail.

Step 3. Run MS Outlook app and click Add Account.

Step 4. Enter Yahoo mail login credentials and other information.

Step 5. Enter Yahoo OTP as password to sign in.

Step 6. Click finished button.

Step 7. Once, MS Outlook sync and load all Yahoo email folders. Go to File>>Open and Export>>Export to a file.

Step 8. Choose target location to save Outlook .pst file.

Step 9. Click finish button to allow MS Outlook to export Yahoo mail to PST.

Alas! This is complete step by step manual guide to backup Yahoo emails to PST.

For Instant Results Download Yahoo to PST Converter

Downlaod this program and give it a try before making any purchases.

Reasons to Choose Advik Yahoo Backup Tool

Advik Yahoo mail to PST Software is loaded with advanced features that make it stand out from the crowd. Some of the best features of this tool are as follows;

Maintain Folder Structure: The folder structure of the email remains the same during the export process of yahoo to PST. This makes navigation of emails easier after conversion.

Retains key elements: All the key elements of emails remain the same during the process of conversion. These key elements include “to”, “from”, “Cc”, “Bcc”, “hyperlinks”, “Unicode texts”, “embed images”, etc. The layout of the emails also remains the same.

Accurate Result: Advik Yahoo to PST software provides the most accurate results. So that none of your data lost during Yahoo Mail to PST export.

Simple User Interface: The User Interface of this tool is very simple. Anyone with a basic knowledge of computers can easily be able to export Yahoo Mail to PST.

Advanced Filter Option: This software allows users to export Yahoo to PST using Advanced filter Option. These Advanced filter includes combination of “to”, “from”, “subject”. “date range”, etc.

Free Demo Download: You can download Yahoo Mail to PST Converter for free to check the efficiency and working of this tool. Hit the button below to download this tool for free.

Dedicated Customer Support: In Case you stuck somewhere while using this tool, you can contact our customer support for further help.


Till now we had discussed on how to export Yahoo mailbox to PST with or without Outlook. Both the methods are 100% workable, now you have to decide which solution fulfills your requirement. For Instant solution with filter option, you must go for Method 1. However, if you want to move Yahoo emails to Outlook completely, you can opt for second method.