How to Enable Less Secure Apps in Office 365

When Integrated Apps is turned on, users in your organization can allow third-party apps to access their Office 365 information. For example, when someone uses a third-party app, that app might ask for permission to access their calendar and to edit files that are in a OneDrive folder.

In order to access the feature of Office 365 Backup tool , you need to Enable Less Secure Apps from your Office 365 Account. Below is the complete procedure for the same.

Step 1. Go to Admin Portal of your Office 365 account and click on Settings.

Enable Less Secure Apps

Step 2. Select Service & ad-ins from setting. On thr right side of this menu select Integrated Apps

Step 3. Now Enable Less secure apps authentication and click Save.

Enable Less Secure Apps

That's it, now you can access the features of Office 365 Backup Tool

Enable Less Seecure Apps in Office 365 Account