Email to Excel Converter – Export Emails to CSV File in Bulk

Jim Backus | March 5th, 2024 | Data Backup, Data Conversion

Looking for a solution to export emails to excel csv file. I work as an accountant and want to export our bank transaction mails into excel file. Is there any quick or easy to export emails to csv file directly from email account? It will be a great help by saving my plenty of time.” – Dave Milind

Various professional users have the desire to export emails to excel spreadsheets. As Excel files are the right way to organize data. In the past few years, technology has changed a lot. People are more concerned about their data. Hence, saving important emails or copying emails into an Excel CSV file is a pretty nice way to keep emails secure.

How to Export Emails to Excel Automatically?

For this task, we have an advanced solution i.e. Advik Email to Excel Converter tool. This program basically converts email messages into .csv file format. So, that you can easily import this file in MS Excel sheet. The software keeps a few important notes like, the software had maintaining folder structure, hold and preserving email attributes and attachments etc. Hence, making it one of the best and most secure solutions.

Download the software and try it for free before purchasing it. The trial version will convert 25 emails to .csv file format.


Steps to Convert Emails to Excel CSV File

Step 1. Launch Email to Excel Converter in your PC.

email to excel converter

Step 2. Sign in to your email account.

email to excel converter

Step 3. Select mailbox folders and CSV as saving option.

email to csv converter

Step 4. Apply filters if required and click Backup.

email to csv converter

Finished! The software will export Emails to CSV file. Now you can open the file in Excel Sheet with complete emails without facing data loss error.

export emails to csv

Why Advik Email to Excel Converter?

As its name suggests, Advik Email to CSV Converter Professional is an advanced conversion tool that addresses business as well as home users. It provides a simple method for exporting Emails to CSV file directly from cloud to local drive much more efficiently.

#1. Export Emails to CSV in Single File

Email Converting and copying can be a complicated business, especially if you’re not as computer-savvy as you may like. Advik Email to Excel Converter might just be the answer to your prayers. It allows you to export complete folder emails to a single CSV file. The latest version of this useful tool is just as easy to use and functional as previous versions.

#2. Supportive Email Sources

It’s the perfect program for almost any email user. You can directly copy emails from various email service providers to CSV file. Applies to: Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Office 365, Zoho Mail, COX Mail, FastMail, USA Mail,, Rediffmail, Zimbra Webmail, etc. If in case your email service provider is not listed in the tool, you can choose IMAP option for signing into your desired email account.

#3. Email Filter Option

With Advik Email to Excel Conversion Software, you can add a filter that allows you to export only required emails to excel file. To get rid from complete email backup, this is the perfect choice to save valuable time and get real-time results. The filters can be applied with cc, bcc, date, month or subject name.

Download FREE Email to CSV Converter software now and give it a try.