How to Export Hotmail to MBOX File?

Jackson Strong | July 10th, 2024 | Data Backup

Today’s article is all about how one can export Hotmail to MBOX file format. We will discuss two easy ways to convert Hotmail emails into MBOX. Read the complete blog and choose the solution that suits best your needs.

MBOX is a common file format to store email messages and attachments. Also, it is supported by many email clients like Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Eudora, and Entourage. Hotmail is a webmail service for personal use which is a Microsoft service. However, it is outdated now and does not receive any regular updates from Microsoft. Also, it may not provide the best data security, so users often choose to export Hotmail to MBOX to protect their emails from hacking or access it other email clients as well.

Next, we will discuss different methods to backup Hotmail emails to MBOX file.

How to Convert Hotmail to MBOX Format Manually?

  1. Download and install Mozilla Thunderbird on your computer.
  2. Open Thunderbird and go to Tools>>Account Settings>>Account Actions>>Add Mail Account.
  3. Enter your Hotmail email and password & add your Hotmail account.
  4. Wait for Thunderbird to sync and download all your Hotmail emails.
  5. Select the emails you want to convert to MBOX.
  6. Right-click on the selected emails and choose “Save As”.
  7. Choose a location and save the emails as an MBOX file.

Done!! This is how one can export emails from Hotmail to MBOX file using Thunderbird.

As we said earlier, this method is not free from unavoidable drawbacks. Some of them are explained below;


  • Manually converting emails can be slow if you have many emails.
  • You may need to repeat the process for each folder.
  • Manual steps can lead to mistakes or incomplete conversions.

How to Export Hotmail Emails to MBOX Automatically?

Try using the Advik Backup Tool to convert multiple Hotmail into MBOX in one go. With its batch mode feature, you can export emails from more than one Hotmail account at a time. Just enter your Hotmail account credentials and it will automatically connect with your Hotmail profile. Thus, it completes the whole process in just 5 simple steps.

Moreover, The software will maintain and preserve the complete Hotmail mailbox folder hierarchy throughout the process.

Tap on the free download button and evaluate it’s working process at no cost.

Steps to Export Hotmail to MBOX File

Step 1. Run the software & choose Hotmail as an email source.

Run the software & choose Hotmail

Step 2. Enter Hotmail account details and log in.

Enter Hotmail account details to export into mbox

Step 3. Select mailbox folders to download.

Select mailbox folders to export into mbox

Step 4. Choose MBOX format from the saving options.

Choose MBOX format to export Hotmail emails

Step 5. Browse the target location and click the Backup button.

click backup to export hotmail to mbox

Now, the software will start exporting emails from Hotmail account in MBOX file in a few minutes.

Once completed, you will be redirected to your chosen location. Here, access all the exported Hotmail emails as MBOX file.

Best Features of using Automated Solution

  • Easily export all data from Hotmail to MBOX format in batches without any hassle.
  • Export Hotmail emails to MBOX format, including attachments, using this app.
  • Get safe, accurate, and reliable results with simple steps.
  • Convert Hotmail emails to MBOX with a complete folder hierarchy.
  • Option to choose where to save the exported data.
  • Save Hotmail emails to MBOX with preserved email properties.
  • Provides advanced filters to customize Hotmail to MBOX export process as needed.
  • Compatible with all versions of Mac & Windows operating systems.


The above blog explaining the two easy ways to export Hotmail emails to MBOX file comes to an end. We hope that we were able to provide the solutions you were looking for. For suggestion, we would like to recommend using automated software if you want a safe and secure way to download all emails from Hotmail to MBOX format. Also, you can try out its free demo version first to check its working steps along with all the features.