How to Migrate Emails from G Suite to Gmail Account?

Christopher Plummer | December 19th, 2021 | Email Migration, Gmail

Summary: In this post, we have explained the top 3 methods to migrate G Suite emails to Gmail account. One is a manual and another is an automated tool to carry out this process. Here, we will explain step-by-step instructions to move email from G Suite to Gmail. So, read this article complete G Suite to Gmail migration process with so much ease.

Having a Google account is fascinating; we all have one, and some of us even have multiple accounts. As a result, data management becomes critical. The subject of how to export G Suite email to Gmail may now arise, and the solution is provided here.

After a lot of research, we found 3 efficient approaches to transfer G Suite emails to Gmail. The first two are manual, whereas the third is a professional tool. You may quickly transfer your data to G Suite using any of the techniques. Read them carefully and choose the one that suits best your needs.

How to Transfer G Suite Emails to Gmail Manually?

G Suite emails can be exported using this simple and manual way. However, it’s tough and time-consuming to transfer your G Suite to Gmail account. 

Follow the steps to transfer G Suite emails to Gmail account.

1. Sign in to your G Suite account.

2. Navigate to Settings >> Forwarding & POP/IMAP >> POP Download and Enable POP.

go to gmail settings

3. Now sign your Gmail account in which you want to import the G Suite mailbox.

4. Navigate to Settings >> Account and Import and click Import mail and contacts.

choose accounts and import

5. Enter your G Suite account email address.

transfer g suite to gmail

6. Now enter your G Suite login credentials and click Continue.

g suite to gmail

That’s it!! The process of G Suite to Gmail migration will take a while based on the mailbox size.

However, this method might be workable depending on the situation. For better results, users can try another alternate solution explained below.

How to Export G Suite Emails Using G Suite Takeout?

The most difficult part of data migration is downloading everything and then copying it to a new location. G Suite, on the other hand, helps to alleviate the problem to some level. 

1. Go to Google Admin Account and sign in with your administrator account.

export g suite emails to gmail

2. Then, from the “>” icon, select the Data Export and click the Continue button.

export g suite to gmail

3. To begin the export process, click Start Export.

g suite to gmail

4. You will receive an email with instructions on how to export G Suite data for all user accounts.

The above two methods are the best alternative method to export G Suite emails to Gmail account. However, several users faced a few technical difficulties during the migration process. Some of them are mentioned below;

  • Gmail couldn’t identify your POP server. You need to enter your POP server information by yourself.
  • A lengthy and complex process to follow.

How to Transfer Emails from G Suite to Gmail Automatically?

Check out the Advik G Suite Migration Tool for Windows OS users. This tool is specially designed to export G Suite emails to Gmail account in just 4 simple steps. With this software, you can migrate emails from G Suite to Gmail account while maintaining folder hierarchy also.  Plus, it preserves email data integrity such as to, from, subject, attachments, hyperlinks, etc.

Download the free demo version to explore its easy steps.

Steps to Migrate G Suite Email to Gmail Account

  1. Run the software and sign in with your G Suite login the automated tool
  2. Choose the required mailbox folders to migrate into Gmail gmail as a saving option
  3. Select Gmail as a saving option from the list.export g suite emails to gmail
  4. Enter the Gmail login credentials to which you want to export and click backu button to erform g suite to gmail migration

Done! Now sit back and relax!! The software will transfer emails from G Suite to Gmail in no time.

Once completed! Log in to your Gmail account and check all the transferred G Suite emails there.

Benefits of using Automated Software

Below are the key highlights that insist users choose this method over the manual.

  • Transfer Multiple Accounts: This feature allows users to migrate emails from multiple accounts at once to save time and manual effort.
  • Safe and Simple: The software is risk-free and provides a safe G Suite to Gmail email migration process. It has a simple user interface for ease of use.
  • Maintains All Properties: It preserves all email properties during migration, ensuring accurate conversion.
  • Selective Migration: Users can transfer specific files or folders from G Suite to Gmail account.
  • Windows Compatible: The tool works with all Windows editions, including Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and others.


Till now, we have discussed three easy and simple methods for G Suite to Gmail migration. However, while exploring solutions we found plenty of glitches and difficulties in exporting G Suite emails to Gmail account manually. It does work, but it requires technical knowledge. On the other hand, the automated tool does its work perfectly. It is a standalone application that can migrate multiple G Suite emails to Gmail instantly. So I would like to suggest choosing the professional approach for instant and safe migration.