How to Download All Emails From Gmail as PDF?

Jackson Strong | December 20th, 2021 | Data Backup, Gmail

Explore methods to download all emails from Gmail as PDF documents with attachments. Get the best solution to save multiple emails from Gmail as PDFs in easy steps.

Saving a single email can be done easily but what if you have multiple emails to download? As we all know, we can save a single message to PDF using the Print option. However, some users want to download emails from Gmail as PDFs in batch. To solve this issue, we have listed the top 2 methods. Let’s get started with the solutions available.

How to Bulk Save Emails from Gmail in PDF Format?

First of all, install Mozilla Thunderbird on your machine. It is an email client developed by the Mozilla Foundation and is completely free of cost. Set up your Gmail account and configure it with Thunderbird.

1. Launch the Thunderbird client and go to the Ad-Ons and Theme option.

how to save all emails from gmail as pdf

2. Search the Import/Export plugin and install it.

how to save all emails from gmail as pdf

3. Now back to the dashboard and select the folder to download.

download all emails from gmail as pdf

4. Select all emails and right-click. Select PDF format from the Save selected messages option.

download all emails from gmail as pdf

5. Choose a folder where you want to save .pdf files.

Now Thunderbird will start downloading all emails from Gmail in PDF file format.

How to Download All Emails from Gmail as PDF With Attachments?

Install the Advik Gmail Backup Tool on your computer. This software will help you to save entire Gmail messages in PDF format. You will get additional benefits in this program i.e. email filter, folder selection, saving options, and many more.

1. Run the suggested tool on your computer and Sign in.

run the automated tool

2. Select mailbox folders that you wish to download as PDF.

choose gmail mailbox folders

3. Choose PDF as a saving option from the list.

select pdf as a saving option

4. Browse the destination path to save the resultant data file.

select destination path

5. Lastly, click the Backup button to start the email downloading process.

Now let the software handle the rest job. Your emails will be downloaded in .pdf files from your Gmail account.

You can also see step-by-step instructions on how to download Gmail emails as PDF from the video below.


This blog post delves into effective techniques to download all emails from Gmail as PDF along with their attachments. The content covers both expert and manual strategies to save all Gmail emails as PDF. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to note that manual methods come with certain drawbacks that may compromise the integrity of your Gmail data. As a precaution, we recommend opting for the professional approach to ensure a secure and 100% reliable procedure.