How to Export Gmail to MBOX file with Attachments?

Christopher Plummer | December 16th, 2022 | Data Backup, Gmail

Quick Overview: This article explains how to export Gmail to MBOX file with Attachments. It includes information on the types of data you can take out with some of the easiest and simplest methods. This blog also includes the reasons you might want to download Gmail emails to the MBOX file. We have provided a quick way approach to backup Gmail emails in .mbox file format. Continue reading to find out which option is best for you.


User Query:

I’ve been using Gmail for the past ten years, so you can imagine how important and crucial the information on my Gmail account is. I’ve been attempting to download Gmail to .mbox file for the past week. As I want to take a backup of Gmail emails in .mbox file format. I tried a lot and failed every time. Is there any quick and simple way to get a solution to this? Suggestions would be highly appreciated!!

Benefits of Exporting Gmail to MBOX file 

Google offers a low-cost, secure and easy method to export Gmail messages to MBOX file. An easy approach to download the data can be a lifeline when you need to get to the files.

Here are a few major reasons to export Gmail mailbox folder MBOX file with Attachments:

  • Your files are accessible from anywhere without an internet connection.
  • Clear space on your Gmail by archiving emails to MBOX.
  • The .mbox file format is widely accepted by users.
  • It takes less time to add new mail to the mailbox.
  • It is faster to search for text within the mailbox.

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How many methods are available to download Gmail to MBOX file?

MBOX files cannot be directly exported. You’re in for a long journey if you want to manually export all attachments from Gmail. You won’t be able to save all attachments at once, you’ll have to download them one by one from each email. In short, it’s a lengthy process to follow.

As a result, most users avoid using the manual approach to extract Gmail email with attachments due to the challenges and limits it entails.

We have explained two methods that are ubiquitous, using which users can move data from Gmail to MBOX file.

  1. Manual Conversion – Google Takeout
  2. Automated Tool – Advik Gmail Backup Tool

Method 1. Save Gmail emails as MBOX file using Google Takeout – In two Steps

This manual process has been divided into two major steps as there is no direct way to export Gmail to MBOX file. Follow the two steps precisely so that your data won’t be loss in any case.

Step 1: Backup of Gmail account using Google Takeout in MBOX format.

So, let’s get started with the first significant step.

1. Go to the Google Takeout page with this link

2. Now, choose data to include and deselect all, which you don’t want to include. 

export gmail to mbox

2.  Click “Next Step” to proceed further.

download gmail to mbox file

3. Make selections under Frequency and File type & size. You have four options under Delivery method: Send download link through email, Add to Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Box, where Google will send you a link to download Gmail data. We will choose to send a download link via email in this case.

export emails from gmail to mbox file

5. Select “Create export”. 

convert gmail to mbox file

6. When the archive is complete, you will get a download link in your Gmail mailbox. Select “Download Archive” in that email.

export gmail to mbox file

Step 2: Export Gmail with attachments from the .zip file to MBOX .

1. Open and extract the ZIP file on your PC .

2. You will get all your Gmail emails with attachments in MBOX file.

Limitation of Google Takeout

  • This manual process takes a long time to create a backup file.
  • This procedure is not ideal for downloading a large number of Gmail data.
  • Provides a limited number of export options.
  • Creates a Network issue when internet access is suddenly disrupted.
  • There is no way to resume the downloading process after it has been paused.
  • You have a limited number of attempts to export Gmail to MBOX file with Attachments. If you don’t succeed in the first 5-6 tries, the download link will become obsolete.
  • Google is sometimes unable to export your Gmail data because of the greater data size of the users’ Gmail account.

Method 2. How to Export Gmail to MBOX file? – The Easier Way

The manual method has numerous drawbacks. Especially if you’re only downloading one attachment at a time. However, I have mentioned an easy way to export Gmail to .mbox file with all attachments from Gmail accounts.  

The easiest and simplest way to export Gmail to MBOX file is to use Advik Gmail Backup Tool. It is the ideal solution  that fulfills your needs in a moment. This software is designed with high level technology to move Gmail data to .mbox file format. It Securely downloads all of your Gmail with all emails and attachments. Non-technical users will appreciate the simple and self-explanatory graphical user interface.

Most people agree that it saves a lot of time, but in the interest of the users, we’d also want to tell you that it is an amazing tool to download your Gmail data with attachments in just a few simple steps. Gmail messages can be converted to MBOX, PST, EML, MSG, DOC, EML, CSV, and 30+ other file types using this software. You can also easily move Gmail to another Gmail, Office 365, or other Webmail account.

If you’re searching for a free and easy method, then this method is ideal for you. If you value your time and accurate outcomes, download this automated tool now. 


Steps to save Gmail to MBOX file in effective way are as follows;

 It’s very simple and easy process that’s explained below:

1. Start by installing the Advik Gmail Backup tool if you haven’t already got them on your computer.

2. Open and run this freeway software.

export gmail data to mbox file format

3. Enter your Gmail ID login credentials to login into this software.

download gmail to mbox file

4. Now, choose the folders that you want to export in .mbox file format.

convert gmail to mbox file

5. Click the select saving option and select the best matching file format i.e., “MBOX” from the list.

save gmail to mbox file

6. You can also choose your desired destination path to save your files to your chosen location.

gmail to mbox file

7. Click the “Backup” button to start the conversion process.

gmail to mbox file

That’s it! We’ve made the entire process as easy as possible. Advik Gmail backup tool provides  a user friendly interface, that is so easy to learn even for first-time users. And you only need to download and install this tool. No further application installation is required.

Watch Video Tutorial – How to Export Gmail to MBOX File?

Wrapping up

Downloading Gmail emails and attachments is a fantastic way to protect your Google account from a data loss disaster. As a result, we’ve explained two methods for exporting Gmail emails into MBOX files with attachments in this article.

The first method is free, which requires patience due to lengthy process. To use manual approach, one must also be technically proficient.

The second option is to use an automated system to easily transfer all of your Gmail data to MBOX. For selective conversion of Gmail to MBOX, the software also has a date range filter option. If you want to download Gmail to MBOX file format without encountering any problems or losing too much time, the Advik Gmail backup Software is the perfect solution for you.