How to Export Emails from Gmail to Excel CSV?

“I want to export Gmail emails to CSV file. Unfortunetly Google doesn’t provide any solution for that. I tried each and every method to execute this task but failed. Is there any alternate solution exist in order to export emails from Gmail to Excel file?”

– A user from Google Support

How to convert Gmail to CSV? I want to import Gmail messages to Excel sheet in my Windows PC. I am using Windows 11 64 Bit pc. Please help.

– David Martin

Want to export emails from Gmail to Excel file? If Yes, then you had landed in the right place. Today we will be discussing step by step guide to export Gmail emails to CSV.

Any Free Solution to Export Gmail Emails to CSV

There are thousands of Google Mail users who are searching for an effective solution to export emails to CSV file. Unfortunately, there is no manual or official solution is available for the same. So, you can go for an alternative yet professional approach which I am going to discuss in this article. Hence, go through the complete article to get the best way to import Gmail emails in Excel file with attachments.

After knowing the fact, i.e. there is no official option to save Gmail messages to CSV file. You can download Gmail emails to EML file but you won’t able to do that for Excel file.

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How to Import Emails from Gmail to Excel Sheet

DO NOT WORRY! You can use Advik Email Migration Wizard for this task. This Gmail to Excel Converter is loaded with plenty of amazing features. You can batch transfer Gmail emails to Excel using this wizard without losing any single mail.

Step to Convert Gmail Emails to CSV are as follows;

Step 1. Install and Run Advik Email Migration Tool in your system.

export gmail emails to csv

Step 2. Select Gmail as Email source and enter its login credentials.

export gmail emails to csv

Step 3. Select mailbox folders and choose “CSV” as a saving option.

export gmail emails to csv

Step 4. If required apply email filters and click the “Backup” button.

export gmail emails to csv

After the successful conversion, your emails will be exported to a single CSV file as shown below.

gmail to excel export emails

Done! This is the best way to transfer multiple Gmail emails to a single Excel CSV file. Despite having a self-explanatory interface, Advik Gmail to CSV Converter software comes with plenty to amazing cool features which are mentioned below.

  • Cloud to Cloud Email Migration
  • Live Preview of Export Process
  • Multiple Email Saving Option
  • Preserve Key Elements
  • Maintain Folder Hierarchy
  • Selective Email Export
  • Support UNICODE (Non-English Texts)

User’s Scenario Related to Gmail to CSV Converter Wizard

“I work as an account manager in an MNC. I and my team handle the complete accounting department. However, we do find plenty of difficulty in managing transaction receipts, bank statements, etc which we received in our official Gmail account. I am looking for Gmail to Excel Converter software. So that we can manage and store complete transaction emails in one place.”

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Final Words

In this segment, I have discussed one of the most proficient way to convert/export/backup Gmail emails to CSV with attachment. As we all know there is no manual solution is obtainable. Thus I recommend using above method to export Gmail emails to CSV file.