How to Export Gmail Emails to Excel in Batch? – 2 Solutions

Summary: Welcome to Advik Software! In this article, we are going to elaborate latest techniques to export Gmail emails to Excel. After receiving dozens of queries on how to copy emails from Gmail to CSV file. I had shared 2 easy ways to convert Gmail emails to CSV file with attachments. One is manual and the other one is via Advik Gmail Backup Software. If you are already familiar with this software, you can download it for free and export messages to Excel.

MS Excel is extremely valuable for many business activities to record data in a systematic format. The main advantage of MS Excel is that it facilitates effortless and smooth data entry.

As of now, Gmail doesn’t offer any option to save messages in CSV file. However, you can save Gmail emails to .eml files from the download message option.

Don’t Worry! we are going forward with alternate techniques to export Gmail emails to Excel file.

Effective Solutions to Export Gmail Emails to CSV File

As mentioned above, there is no direct way to convert Gmail messages to CSV files we are going to follow alternate tricks. Currently, there are TWO WAYS to export emails from Gmail to Excel CSV file.

  1. Save Gmail Messages to Excel file Using Mozilla Thunderbird (desktop client)
  2. Export Emails from Gmail to CSV file Using a Professional Tool

You can choose any of the above methods to convert Gmail to an Excel file. Both techniques are explained below section.

How to Export Emails from Gmail to Excel?

For users, who are looking for a free solution can opt this method. In this tutorial, you have to install Mozilla Thunderbird (a free desktop email client) on your pc.

Important: Set up your Gmail account in Thunderbird before starting the manual solution!

After you import mail from Gmail to Thunderbird, follow the step-by-step instructions to export Gmail emails to Excel file.

  1. Open Mozilla Thunderbird on your computer.
  2. Install ImportExportNG Add-On and enable it.
  3. Back to the dashboard and right-click the folder you want to export.
  4. Navigate to ImportExportTools NG >> Export All Messages in a folder >>  CSV format.
  5. Select a path or folder where you want to export Gmail emails to a CSV file.
  6. Now click OK button.

Thunderbird will start copying emails from Gmail to Excel spreadsheets.

Minor Drawbacks:

  • Thunderbird installation and configuration is required
  • May take several hours depending on system configuration
  • Import Export NG tools in NOT authorised Mozilla plugin
  • Attachments will not be saved

How to Export Gmail Emails to CSV in Batch?

Download and install Advik Gmail Backup Software on your computer. This utility will help you to export emails from Gmail to Excel file. You can save entire emails to Excel CSV file in one single attempt. This is the best part of this program. You don’t have to convert a single message over and over again.

The software is powerful enough to download emails from Gmail to CSV file in bulk with attachments. With the help of this tool you can also export Gmail emails to MBOX, PST, PDF and many other file formats.

Free Download the Gmail to Excel Converter tool from the below link and install it in your system.


Follow the below step-by-step instructions to copy emails from Gmail to Excel File.

Step 1. Run the Advik Gmail Backup Tool and sign in using your login details.

(Note: Use App Password to login)

export gmail emails to excel

Step 2. Select mailbox folders from where you want to import into excel.

gmail to excel

Step 3. In the saving option, select CSV from the list.

gmail to excel

Step 4. Click the Filter Option to export only specific emails to Excel CSV file.

export gmail emails to csv

Step 5. Click the Backup button to start the email export process.

how to export emails from gmail to excel

Finished! This is the quickest way to export Gmail emails to Google Sheet in bulk without any data loss. export emails from gmail to excel

I hope this article helps you in solving your query related to exporting Gmail Emails to Excel CSV. You can also view step by step video tutorial to better understand the tool.

Skip Waiting Time and Choose Advik Gmail Backup Software

  • With this program, you can batch-export Gmail emails to Excel with attachments. The software will preserve your mailbox folder hierarchy and key elements. Thus, no data loss will occur.
  • Using this tool you can also export emails from Gmail to Exchange, Yahoo Mail and many other webmail accounts.
  • Apart from Excel CSV, you will get 20+ additional saving options in which you can download your Gmail messages. Yes, you can export Gmail to PST file, MBOX, DOC, HTML, XPS, RTF, EMLX, PDF, etc.
  • This tool also provides an advanced email filter option that allows users to export selected emails based on date range, subject, to, from, etc.
  • Allow to remove attachments from Gmail without deleting emails.
  • It also allows users to export Gamil inbox, outbox and all other folders and avoid unnecessary export.
  • With this software, you can also extract email addresses from Gmail to Excel with ease.


You can download Gmail to CSV Converter software for free and try it by exporting 25 emails from each folder. You can upgrade the tool only in case you feel satisfied with the results.

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