How to Migrate Email from Gmail to Exchange Online?

Christopher Plummer | December 10th, 2021 | Email Migration, Gmail

Learn the step-by-step guide to migrate Gmail to exchange online using 2 easy methods. Go through this article till the end to learn more.

Exchange Server which is a Microsoft product that also offers an email messaging platform. It allows users to build collaboration and messaging service applications by sending emails, calendaring, voicemail transcriptions, and scheduling.

Several users are searching for a reliable solution to migrate Gmail to exchange online with complete emails and attachments.  No matter how big or small your migration is, finding a solution that’s easy to use and reliable is a challenge.  So, if you’ve tried to transfer your email from Gmail to an exchange server, you know that while it sounds simple, in truth, it can be a time-consuming, frustrating, almost painful experience!!

So, let me clarify that there is no direct manual solution. You have to go through a lengthy process. And if you want an easy way then you can choose an alternative technique that we will discuss in the upcoming sections. 

Therefore, let’s explore these solutions in a detailed manner.

How to Migrate Gmail to Exchange Online Manually?

1. Select File >> Add Account.

add gmail account to export

3. Now, configure your Gmail account with Microsoft Outlook.

export emails from gmail to exchange database

4. Here, enter your password to sign in.

 migrate gmail to exchange server

5. In a few seconds, Outlook will finish adding your Gmail account.

transfer gmail to exchange server

7. Then, navigate to File and choose Import/Export option.

export gmail to microsoft exchange server

8. Now, choose Export to a file from the dropdown list.

migrate gmail to exchange

9. Select Outlook Data File (.pst) as a file type.

gmail to exchange server

10. Select the email folder you wish to backup and tap Finish.

gmail to pst file

Now, move the PST files into the MS Exchange Server Mailbox using PS commands.

Limitations of the Manual Method:

The manual technique has certain drawbacks, which are listed below.

  • The manual procedure is time-consuming and lengthy.
  • The PowerShell program cannot import more than 2GB of Outlook Data file (.pst) to Exchange Mailbox.
  • This command only works with Exchange Management on a 32-bit client system.
  • When using PowerShell commands to export Gmail emails to Exchange Server, the user must have a strong technical background.

How to Migrate Gmail to Hosted Exchange Server Directly?

With the limitations mentioned above in using manual methods, the user must use an automated professional and efficient tool like the Advik Gmail Migration Tool. It can easily transfer emails from Gmail to Exchange Server. With this software, the task can be completed quickly and without fear of data loss.

You can migrate in whatever way you like. It is a Quick and simple software. This automated tool can be installed everywhere and as many times as necessary to transfer your users fast and efficiently. 


Steps to Migrate Gmail to Exchange Online With Attachments

1. Install and run the automated tool on your computer and sign in with your Gmail credentials.

run the gmail to exchange migration software

2. Choose the required folders and subfolders from the left side of the interface.

choose gmail mailbox folders

3. Select the Exchange Hosted Server as a saving option.

select hosted exchange server as a saving otion

4. Enter the details for your Hosted Exchange Server and click Backup.

click backup to migrate gmail to exchange online

In no time, this wonderful wizard will move a whole inbox from Gmail to Exchange Online Server. You will also receive a comprehensive log report after a successful conversion.

Despite having a simplified user interface, the software is loaded with plenty of useful features. Below are the key highlights of the handy tool.

  • You can transfer or copy emails from an unlimited number of Gmail accounts.
  • Transfer Gmail to Office 365, Yahoo mail, Rediff mail,, Exchange Server, Rediffmail, IceWrap etc.
  • You can apply email filters such as cc, date, time, subject name, etc. to move only selected emails.
  • You can select your preferred mailbox folder using this tool.
  • Batch migration to move emails from multiple Gmail accounts in one single attempt.

Wrapping up

We covered both the manual and automatic methods for exporting Gmail emails to Exchange Server in this blog. However, due to the limitations of the manual method, it is suggested that users should opt for the automated tool so that you can easily transfer Gmail to Exchange Server.