How to Export Gmail to PST File? – 2 Easy Ways

Max Wright | March 5th, 2023 | Data Backup

Gmail is one of the most popular email service providers. Even I have used Gmail since 2010. Currently, it has 2.2 Billion monthly active users as compared to other email service providers. Gmail is one of the most secure email communication platforms. However, people still don’t wanna take the chance to lose any of their data from cloud. Some people search for how to export Gmail to PST file as a backup file. As PST file format is easily portable and can be transferred to any Outlook version.

How do I export Gmail to PST file format? You can easily export Gmail to PST by configuring your Gmail account with Microsoft Outlook. Once setup is done, you can save Google Mail emails to PST format from Import/Export option. However, this method requires technical skills. If you are unaware of the technicalities of MS Outlook then, you can choose an automated tool to create PST file from Gmail account.

We are going to discuss the above two methods in the upcoming segment. The first method uses Manual configuration and uses Microsoft Outlook to export emails from Gmail into PST format. However, Manual method can be difficult for some users. For such cases, automated software such as Advik Gmail Backup Tool can be beneficial to create PST from Gmail account.

Table of Content

  1. Export Gmail to PST with Outlook
  2. Using Advik Gmail Backup Tool (Without Outlook)
  3. Comparision of Free and Paid Solution
  4. Conclusion

With keeping in mind the importance of email data, Gmail had introduced “Google Takeout” service. With this facility, you can save Gmail emails to flash drive, hard drive, or pc. Google Takeout will help you to download complete Gmail mailbox folders locally in .mbox file format.

There are no official way to export mailbox folders into .pst file format.

In order to execute Gmail to export PST file, we are going to follow two simple and easy procedures. Follow the suitable method as per your requirements.

Method 1. How to Export Gmail to PST Manually Free?

For this method, you need to install the Outlook application in your System. Follow these steps to easily convert Gmail emails to PST format.

  1. Launch the Outlook application on your Windows to pst
  2. Configure your Gmail account in Outlook.export gmail to pst file
  3. After successful configuration, click File Menu > Open & export to pst
  4. Select Import/Export to export gmail to pst
  5. Select “Export to a file” and then click Next to pst export tool
  6. Select “Outlook Data File (.pst)” again and hit the Next to pst
  7. Select the account and click Next button.convert gmail to pst
  8. Select the Output path and click on export to pst

Finished! This is how you can export Gmail email to PST file.

Unfortunately, there are some limitations to this method. Technical knowledge is required to configure your Google Mail account with Outlook. Also, if you want to save specific emails from Gmail to PST file then, it won’t allow you to do that.

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To get full access to exporting Google Mail to Outlook .pst file, opt for Method 2. You will get dozens of amazing features that will make your email backup very efficient and more accurate.

Download and install the Advik Gmail Backup tool. This powerful application is capable enough to download PST from Gmail. This is a completely standalone application that doesn’t require MS Outlook installation. Simply Sign in>>Select Folders>>Convert to PST and Boom!

Install and Run the Gmail to PST Export tool below on your Windows machine.


Note: Please Enable IMAP and Create App Password in Gmail to Sign in to Advik Software

Complete Step by Step Guide to Create PST file from Gmail

Step 1. First of all, install Advik Gmail Backup Software in your Windows machine. Enter your Gmail login credentials to sign in. (Please Note: If you want to export PST from multiple Gmail accounts in a single attempt use Batch Mode)

gmail export to pst

Step 2. The software will load all your Gmail mailbox folders. You have to select which folder you want to export or include in the Outlook .pst file.

gmail to pst

Step 3. Click the Saving Option drop-down menu. You will see multiple numbers of file formats, here you can select PST from the menu.

create pst file from gmail

Step 4. (Optional) Select Filter Option to export only specific emails to PST file.

gmail to pst converter

Step 5. Click the Change button and choose Destination Path where you want to save the resultant PST file. (Note: You can also select external storage devices like USB, Flash Drive, Hard Drives, etc)

convert gmail to pst

Step 6. After locating your target location, you can hit Backup button to start the email export process.

export gmail to pst

That’s All! Now sit back and relaxed, the software will soon generate/create .pst file from Gmail in no time.

gmail export to pst

This is how you can save Gmail emails as .pst file using this amazing wizard.

Advantages of Advik Gmail Backup Software

If we are getting exact results from the Manual/Free solution then which to try Advik Gmail Backup Solution? The answer is pretty simple, the software creates PST file more precisely and accurately as per your demand. Here are the top scenarios for users to decide which solution is better.

  • You can filter your emails to export and get rid of unwanted emails to be carried along with the resultant PST file. These features are not available in Microsoft Outlook, nor in 2019/2016/2013 or 2007 versions.
  • Not only PST, but the software also offers more than 30+ email saving options. You can export Gmail to PDF, EML, MSG, DOC, HTML, RTF, XPS, CSV, and many more. On the other hand, Outlook will give you .pst and .csv.
  • If you want to download Gmail as PST file, you can select the folder from the software whereas Outlook doesn’t apply this option.
  • Easily create PST file from multiple Gmail accounts in one single attempt. On the other hand, you have to manually configure it in Outlook which is quite a time-consuming process.

Other features are available in the software.

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Skip Manual Configuration and Get Gmail to PST Export Tool Now

No more waiting time. No more manual configuration is required. Get straight away with Advik Gmail Backup Tool to export emails from Gmail to .pst file without Outlook.

I hope this article helps you in solving your query related to exporting Gmail to PST format. This is how you can export emails from Gmail to Outlook PST file. You can also download Software for free to check the efficiency of this tool. Or You can also view step-by-step tutorial to better understand the tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. How Do I export specific emails from Gmail to PST?

Answer. In the manual method, you will not get any option for this task. However, Advik Gmail to PST Converter Software is embedded with the “Advance Email Filter” option that allows you to export only selected emails.

Question 2. What will happen with the email attachment after exporting the mailboxes in .pst?

Answer. Both methods will preserve email folder hierarchy and email attributes including attachments. Thus, there will be no data loss.

Question 3. Which solution is a time saver?

Answer. Method 2 is the best choice if you want to save your manual efforts and time. The software will create pst file from Gmail in a very short period of time.

Question 4. Is Advik Gmail Backup Tool Compatible with Windows 11?

Answer. Yes, the software is workable in Windows 11/10/8.1/8/XP and earlier versions.

Question 5. Can Gmail be exported to PST using the manual method?

Answer. Yes, you can export Gmail to PST using MS Outlook configuration process. All you have to do is add Gmail to Outlook email client using App Password and IMAP settings.