How to Import Mail from Gmail to Thunderbird?

“Hello! I want to export emails from Gmail to Thunderbird client directly. I want to skip the configuration, as I am already using another account in it. But, I want to move Google Mail mailbox folders to Thunderbird. If there is a manual solution present to import Gmail to Thunderbird with complete emails without configuration, please suggest it. Your help would be appreciated.”

There are so many questions in the user’s mind like, how to import mail from Gmail to Thunderbird without adding an account.

Table of Content

  1. Add Gmail account to Thunderbird
  2. Drawbacks and Issues
  3. Import Gmail to Thunderbird [No Configuration Required]
  4. Watch Tutorial
  5. Conclusion

If you want to export Gmail emails to Thunderbird directly using a manual method. Follow the below instructions for step by step guide.

Method 1. How to Import Mail from Gmail to Thunderbird Manually?

In this segment, you have to manually configure your Google Mail account with Thunderbird. After successful configuration or adding Gmail to Thunderbird, you will get your emails in this email client.

Follow the steps to add Gmail to the Thunderbird application.

  1. Open Thunderbird on your computer.
  2. Click on the “Email” button in the top-left corner of the window.
  3. Select “Skip this and use my existing email”.
  4. Enter your name, email address, and password.
  5. Click on “Continue”.
  6. Thunderbird will try to automatically configure the settings for your Gmail account. If it is successful, you will see a message saying “Configuration found for your email provider”.

Now you should be able to access your Gmail mailbox in Thunderbird.

Drawbacks and Limitations

There are few potential drawbacks while using the manual method.

  • Syncing Issue – As Thunderbird stores your emails and attachments locally, there can be issues with syncing Gmail. It will not be able to load all your emails at the same time. You have to request to load more each and every time when you have to access your old emails.
  • Complexity – Configuring Gmail with Thunderbird client is quite a complicated task. You have to follow proper instructions while adding Gmail to Thunderbird.

So, in this article, I am going to help you to export all emails from Gmail into Thunderbird in one fell swoop. Here, we will be discussing the automation method which will help you to import Gmail folders to Thunderbird with attachments.

Method 2. How to Export Gmail to Thunderbird Application?

Check out Advik Gmail Backup Tool for Windows. This software is specially designed to transfer Gmail emails to Thunderbird as well as local drive in various file formats. You can also transfer emails from Gmail to Office 365, Yahoo mail,, Rediffmail Pro, and almost all webmail accounts. Download and install this tool to start the migration process.


Steps to Import Gmail Emails to Thunderbird are as follows;

Step 1. Run the tool and enter your Gmail login credentials.

export gmail to thunderbird

Step 2. Choose mailbox folders to export.

import gmail to thunderbird

Step 3. Select Thunderbird as a saving option from the list.

export gmail to thunderbird

Step 4. Apply email filters if required and click Convert.

import gmail to thunderbird

The software will automatically detect your Thunderbird profile and will start transferring emails from Gmail account.

Watch Video Tutorial – How to Import Emails from Gmail to Thunderbird Directly?

Note: Mozilla Thunderbird Application must have installed on your PC.

Advik Gmail Converter is a monster that works smartly in all versions of Windows. The software is loaded with plenty of features that are mentioned below;

  • User-Friendly Interface for Non-Technical users
  • Maintain Mailbox Folder Hierarchy and Key Elements
  • Convert Gmail to 20+ different file formats
  • Transfer Gmail emails to almost all webmail account using IMAP
  • Direct way to migrate Gmail emails to Yahoo Mail, Office 365, etc.
  • Advance Email Filter Option for selective backup and migration



After knowing the fact that there is no manual method to export Gmail to Thunderbird without configuration. It is advisable to choose the above method to safely transfer Gmail emails to Thunderbird. This email backup wizard is one in all solution for Gmail users.