How to Download Multiple Emails From Gmail in Bulk?

Jackson Strong | February 24th, 2023 | Data Backup

Summary: Is it possible to download multiple emails from Gmail with attachments? Yes, it is possible. In this tutorial we are going to find out the best possible ways to save multiple Gmail emails in bulk. I had shared 3 ways for this task. If any user wants to skip manual procedure they can directly go for Advik Gmail Backup Tool for instant solution. This tool will download multiple Gmail emails along with folders in single attempt. No waiting time no extra efforts! Download the tool and give it a try.


Today I will be discussing top 3 Ways to Download multiple Emails from Gmail. Stick to the article till the end to learn how to do it without losing attachments.

We are living in a constantly attached world of communication where people is in contact via electronic means. The majority of end-users (either in business or home-based) are having a Gmail id with them for one or the other intent. They use it for various utile purposes such as communication via mailing, saving data on cloud, sharing documents with group, etc. Complete data of Gmail account is stored on the cloud server of Google.

Now a question comes what if a user wants to download multiple emails from Gmail. Is there any option given to Gmail users through which they can save their Gmail account emails on local PC?

Available Solutions to Save Gmail Emails to PC

Method 1. Using Download Message Option (single at a time)

Method 2. Google Takeout Feature (multiple)

Method 3. Advik Gmail Backup Tool (multiple)

There are a lot of people who search for “How do I or save multiple emails from Gmail?” – Maybe you are one of them who wants to download all emails from Gmail. Possibly you have multiple crucial emails in your Google Mail. So, you might want to download these emails in the local machine.

Anything could be the reason behind saving all Gmail emails, In this write-up users will get a workable solution for that.

Method #1. How to Save Gmail Messages to PC

Gmail has recently introduced an option to download Gmail message to .eml file format. You can save your respective emails in a .eml file using a simple method.

Follow the below instructions to save multiple emails from Gmail manually;

Step 1. Open your Gmail account and select any email.

save gmail email as eml

Step 2. Click more option shown in the screenshot.

save gmail email as eml

Step 3. Click Download message from menu.

Repeat this process with each email to download multiple emails from Gmail account.

Method #2. How to Download Multiple Emails From Gmail

Gmail offers an official method to archive Gmail mailbox. You can backup Gmail emails using Google Takeout. Follow the below instructions to save Gmail mailbox folder.

Follow the below steps to Save Gmail Email Folder are as follows;

Step 1. Sign in to Google Takeout using your Gmail ID.

Step 2. Choose only Mail from the menu and click Next.

save multiple emails in gmail

Step 3. Choose File format and click Create Export.

download gmail message

Finish! This is how you can archive Gmail folder to local hard drive. Google Takeout will save its mailbox in .mbox file format.

Method #3. Download Bulk Emails from Gmail in Single Attempt

Check out Advik Gmail Backup Tool for Windows. This program is specially designed to export single as well as multiple Gmail emails to PC with attachments. You can backup the complete mailbox folder(s) into various document file formats. Here are some of its highlighted features;

  • Apply email filters to download specific emails in one Go.
  • Download Gmail emails to Hard Drive
  • Save emails from Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, Labels, and other folders instantly
  • Maintain mailbox folder structure and email attributes
  • Convert or Save Gmail emails to PDF, EML, MSG, PST, DOC, and 10+ file formats
  • and download the software to explore more..

Follow the steps to Download Multiple Emails from Gmail with Attachments are;

Step 1. Run Advik Gmail Backup Tool and Sign in.

Download Multiple Emails From Gmail

Step 2. Select mailbox folders and proceed further.

Download Multiple Emails From Gmail

Step 3. Choose File format to save Gmail emails.

Download Multiple Emails From Gmail

Step 4: Lastly, tap on the Backup button to start downloading multiple emails from Gmail.

Download Multiple Emails From Gmail

With this application, users will also get the option to choose only the needed emails for conversion. This is the best way to download multiple Gmail emails with attachments. Users don’t need to repeat the process again and again.

Questions and Queries We Received

“Hello everyone I have thousands of emails stuck in my Gmail account. But, when I download all emails from Gmail one by one it takes a lot of time and effort. Now, I want an easy solution like Gmail backup tool by using which I can simply save Gmail emails to my laptop.”

“There are a lots of crucial messages in my Google Mail account and I need to download multiple emails from Gmail. But I was unable to save emails. Actually I am using Google Mail in Chrome, when I clicked on the download message icon to save the emails, nothing happened. So please anyone tell me How to download multiple Gmail emails?”


There is no option given by Google to download multiple Gmail emails in one attempt. Nevertheless, using professional tool users can make this task possible. Hence, in this article, we have given a solution for the users who searched for – “How to download multiple emails from Gmail”. The above-mentioned method is foremost. Try it and resolve your these types of issues without any data loss.