How to Repair Outlook PST file Without Scanpst.exe? – 2 Best Solutions

Christopher Plummer | March 24th, 2023 | Email Migration

Want to repair PST file without scanpst.exe? In this article, we are going to discuss the top 3 best ways to repair Outlook file without scanpst.exe. Users who are unable to repair a PST (Personal Storage Table) file using the ScanPST tool, there are a few alternative methods you can try to recover your data.

User Queries Who Want to Repair PST File Without ScanPST Tool

“I am using Outlook 2016 version. Can I repair PST file without scanpst.exe? I want to access data from Outlook data file that was damaged due to Outlook glicth. I had tried Scanpst solution as well but no results. Can anyone tell me how do I repair Outlook pst file without scanpst?”

“Hello, I have been using MS Outlook for a long time and recently found that I cannot access my PST file, it may be corrupted or due to some issues. I used to use scanpst to solve this problem. but now this method isn’t working anymore. I want to know how to repair PST file without scanpst tool”.

Microsoft Outlook is a desktop-based email client that offer, email, contacts, calendar, task, notes and other business-related services. It stores all these data in .pst file format.

How do I repair Outlook PST file without Scanpst? Microsoft Outlook embedded with ScanPST tool to remove bad sectors from .pst file. Sometimes it won’t work. In that case you can go for Advik PST Repair Tool. This program is 10* times more progressive and effective. Check out this article to find a solution when you cannot repair pst file using scanpst.exe.

Table of Content

  1. Introduction
  2. Repair PST File Manually
  3. Repair PST File Using Import/Export Tool
  4. Advik PST Repair Tool
  5. Conclusion

If you are looking for a method for how to repair a PST file without Scanpst then you have come to the right place. Here, you will find an efficient and easy tool to resolve your issue.

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How PST File Gets Corrupted and Damaged?

A PST file may get corrupted for many reasons, such as, if the file size is too large or if the application terminates abnormally. This mainly happens when your Windows crashes or when you fail to quit Outlook properly and shut down your system in a hurry. Let’s find out the one of the best reasons behind Outlook PST file corruption.

Storage Failure

server error in outlook

If your hard drive has some bad sectors and your Outlook PST file is stored in it. Then you may only be able to read part of the PST file or it may contain incorrect and full of error data.

Faulty Network

outlook network error

For example, suppose you are trying to access your Outlook file from a client computer over network connections. Then, it is possible that the network cards, cables, routers, hubs and other devices consulting the network connections are having problems then the remote access of the PST file may make it corrupt.

File system failure

system error in outlook

Due to this disaster, some parts of the original PST file are permanently lost or overwritten, which makes the PST file incomplete or contain incorrect data.

Virus and other malicious attacks

virus attack on outlook

It is not safe to download files through the browser without checking the security. So many viruses can corrupt or inaccessible Outlook PST files.

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Terminate Outlook abnormally

outlook error

If you are using Outlook, make sure to quit the program properly, otherwise files may get corrupted or damaged. This can also happen if Outlook does not close properly and you shut down your system.

Methods to Repair Outlook PST file Without Scanpst.exe (2023 Updated!)

Let’s find out the various techniques to repair .pst file without using Scanpst software of Outlook. In the below segment we had introduced the latest method to recover mails and other data from Outlook PST.

This solution is applied for PST file created from MS Outlook 2019/2016/2013/2011 and older versions

Method 1. How to Repair PST File Without ScanPST.exe Free?

The steps below explain how to create a new PST by copying content from an old PST:

1. Link old PST file to Outlook:

Select File > Open & Export > Open Outlook Data File.

import mbox to outlook 2019

2. Create a new PST file:

From the Inbox, select New Items > More Items > Outlook Data File. Now, Enter a File name.

3. Copy the content from the Old corrupt PST file to the newly created one.

4. Once you copy your data to new one, “set as the default”

File> Info> Account Settings> tab Data Files> select new .pst file> click “Set as Default”.

how to repair pst file without scanpst

5. Tap Close> Restart Outlook.

6. Restart Outlook and disconnect the old PST file from Outlook.

If the corrupt file doesn’t open in Outlook, then move ahead with the next solution.

Method 2. How to Repair Outlook PST Without Scanpst Tool?

Advik PST Repair Tool is the best option to recover your .pst file. It works on advanced features that help users to retrieve inaccessible data in a limited time. This is one of the best ScanPST.exe alternative tool.

Besides it, you can extract emails from the PST file in more than 15+ file formats such as DOC, PDF, EML, MSG, CSV, TXT, and HTML. Along with this, it preserves key elements as it was before the PST files got corrupted.

It is a 100% free and secure platform, you don’t need to pay to check its efficiency. It can also recover data from encrypted pst files.


Follow the below instructions to repair PST file without Scanpst.exe;

  1. Run Advik PST Repair Tool in your PC and click Add File.
    repair pst file without scan pst
  2. Browse and add corrupted/damaged .pst file into software.
    repair pst file without scanpst
  3. Select or check “Recover mode” and click Next button.
    repair pst file without scanpst
  4. Select mailbox folders to repair and hit Next button.
    repair pst file without scanpst
  5. Now select PST file from the list to create a new healthy PST file.
    repair pst file without scanpst
  6. Choose target location to save resultant file and hit Next button.
    how to repair pst file without scanpst

Once you click Next button, the software will remove bad sectors of Outlook PST file. Then, will generate a new healthy Outlook PST. This process is completely standalone, you dont have to depend on Outlook Scanpst software.

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Benefits of Using Advik PST Repair Tool

1. This tool allows users to display the recoverable mailbox folders along with the number of emails in a PST file.
2. It deeply scans the corrupted Outlook data file and recovers complete data from it.
The folder hierarchy of the emails is retained even after the complete mailbox has been restored.
3. Apart from this, this tool allows users to migrate email services such as PST to Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and any other cloud email service with IMAP feature.
4. The best thing about this software is that it provides a user-friendly interface to make it use effectively.

Final Words

In this blog, we discussed a hassle-free solution to Repair Outlook PST file without scanpst. If you ever run into problems with this, you will definitely be able to solve it. In the section above, we have discussed both manual and professional approaches that you can use to repair corrupt PST files. However, this manual method will only work if your PST file is opened in Outlook. So an alternative option is to use this Advik PST Repair Tool which will definitely help you get your data back from the PST file.