How to Migrate Emails from Roundcube to Office 365?

Michael Cera | January 11th, 2022 | Email Migration

Summary: Here in this blog we will learn How to Migrate Emails from Roundcube to Office 365? Thus if you are also looking for the solution to complete this migration process, then read this article to the end. In this article, we get to know the workable and secure solution in a step-by-step manner from Roundcube to O365 migration.

One of my friends shares an issue with me. He use Roundcube to manage email messages and recently buy Office 365 subscription. Now he wants to export Roundcube mails to Office 365 account but doesn’t know how to do it. I suggest to him a simple solution that I used to export my mailbox data to the O365 account. Here I am going to tell you about it and also mention the detailed work of that solution. So stay connected and read the whole article.

I also search, whether others also searching for a solution to this issue. Suprieslying I came across numerous user queries, such as

Can anyone assist with a workaround on how to completely migrate an email box from RoundCube webmail to Microsoft 365 for an SME organization?

We have a client that wants to migrate from RoundCube to Office365 exchange online. Is anyone familiar with a process that I could use to get this accomplished? I have found some suggestions on exporting everyone’s mailbox to local storage and changing DNS and MX records to point to Office365 and then importing the mailbox. Is this the only solution available or has anyone ran across this before?

Therefore without further delay, let’s move to the method for Roundcube emails to Office 365 Migration. This process is important and complicated. You should know that there is no direct manual solution to migrate emails from Roundcube to Office 365. But it doesn’t mean that it is not possible. We are here to make your work easy with a workable and efficient solution.

Method to Export Roundcube Emails to Microsoft 365

Advik Roundcube Backup Tool will export all emails from the Roundcube mail account to Microsoft 365 within a few seconds. This software is capable enough to transfer all mailbox data of Roundcube to O365 without any error. Along with that, it transfers all emails with their attachments without any modifications. Using this software you can also migrate emails from multiple accounts in a single attempt. Let’s start the migration process;

migrate RoundCube to Office 365 account

Steps to export Roundcube emails to Office 365 Instantly

Follow the given steps for secure and accurate Roundcube to Office 365 migration;

Step 1. Install and run this tool on Windows OS.

Step 2. Select Roundcube Webmail as an email source.

Migrate Emails from Roundcube to Office 365

Step 3. Enter the login details of the Roundcube mail account.

Export Emails from Roundcube to Office 365

Step 4. Select the saving option as Office 365 from the given list.

transfer emails from Rouncube to Office 365

Step 5. Now enter the email address of your Office 365 account. Along with it enter IMAP Host and IMAP Port Number and click on the Backup button.

(IMAP host:         IMAP Port No: 993)

Migrate Roundcube emails to Office 365

All Done! all emails from Rouncube got transferred to your Office 365 account. Now the question is why users opt for this tool, let’s find the answer to this question in the next segment.

Why Choose Advik Roundcube Backup Tool

This software is enriched with many eye-catchy features, some of them are mentioned here;

  • Export Batch Roundcube Mailbox Data
    This is the most significant feature of this tool. Users can add multiple accounts by login in as administrators. While using this feature user can easily migrate emails from multiple email account at once. Most importantly this tool ensures data integrity and security.
  • Selective Migration
    It is the best tool when users want some selective emails to be exported. This tool offers a filter option where users can transfer data via date range, subject, to, from, and other fields. It is helpful o avoid unwanted email migration.
  • Direct Migration
    It directly exports Roundcube to Microsoft 365 without facing any technical glitches. There is no need to install any supportive application to perform this instant migration process.
  • Windows Supportive
    This application is designed in such a manner that it is compatible with Windows all versions. It supports Windows 11, 10, 8, Vista, XP, and other previous Operating System versions without any error.

migrate RoundCube to Office 365 account


Today, in this blog we learn the way to migrate Emails from Roundcube to Office 365. User can use the suggested software and can easily export emails from multiple Roundcube account as well as selective migrate them to Office 365 account with complete email properties. Along with it, we get to know some additional features of this tool. Hence, download this tool and export Roundcube mails to MS Office 365 yourself.

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