How to Open OLM File in Zoho Mail? – 2 Easy Solutions

“Are you trying to open an OLM file in Zoho Mail? But that’s not the supportive file format for Zoho mail. In this article, all your queries related to this issue will be resolved at the end of this article. It thoroughly explains the manual method that will make your work easy.”

What is OLM file?

Outlook for Mac data file i.e. OLM file format that is a mailing dabase file. This includes data such as email, contacts, calendar, notes, tasks, journals, etc. It is a single file that can store all the Outlook folders of the users and also contains the stored data. Its distinguishing feature is that it can be imported into Outlook for Mac. Profile only. But, OLM files are only used by Mac Outlook and cannot be used by Windows versions. For this you have to convert it to PST.

Zoho Mail is an Indian multinational technology company that provides an amazing email service. It offers users to use as business email or to use as personal email. You can create a domain for your business and set up a customized email address for users. It gives the authenticity of your company a unique and professional look it deserves.

Now, we have a clear idea of both OLM files & Zoho Mails.

Reasons to Import OLM in Zoho mail:

  • It is not necessary that we will always use the same platform for email services. We can switch it anytime. So, if we were earlier using any other i.e. Mac Outlook and we are moving to Zoho Mail. We need to know how we can open an OLM file in Zoho Mail.
  • Backup Emails on Zoho: If a user wants to keep an archive or backup email folder from Mac Outlook to Zoho Mail. This can be a saviour task if Outlook crashes.

Method 1. How to Open OLM File in Zoho Mail Manually:

  1. Using Mac Outlook Configuration
  • Log in your Zoho Mail account to enable IMAP settings in your account.
  • open and run MS Outlook in your system.
  • click “tools” on the tab, and select the accounts option.
  • Configure Zoho Mail in Mac outlook: In the menu, click Preferences and then click Accounts. Select other email to add Zoho mail.
  • Enter the account details in the account information Tab.
  • Import OLM file in Mac outlook.
  • Configure imported file through IMAP in Zoho mail.
  1. Import OLM file to Mac Outlook.
  • Import OLM file in Mac outlook by entering account details which includes (Zoho email address, Zoho account password, Username etc).
  • In type select “IMAP” from dropdown list.
  • In “Incoming server” enter ( for organisations accounts) (for personal accounts)
  • Select the Use SSL to connect in the checkbox.
  • In “Outgoing Server” enter
  • Select the  Override default port in the checkbox.
  • Set the port number “465” for the outgoing server.

Import Mac OLM to Zoho Mail Using Reliable Software

As we know Zoho Mail imports messages in .eml files. Thus, we need to convert .olm file to .eml files. For that download and install our Advik OLM to EML Converter tool. This utility will help you export all emails from Outlook OLM file into EML files along with attachments. Hence no data loss will occur.

Follow the below instructions to import OLM file to Zoho Mail;

Step 1. Install and run this software in your system.

Step 2. Click “Add OLM files” and add Mac .olm file into software.

Step 3. Choose a destination to save your exported files.

Step 4. Click on the “Convert” button.

Step 5. Once you will get all mails in .eml files. Open Zoho mail account.

Step 6. Go to settings and navigate to Import/Export.

Step 7. In import section click Choose File then add all .eml files.

Zoho will start importing .eml files and will appear in your mailbox folders.


After reading this article, we are now able to understand the main reasons to convert OLM to EML. As Zoho Mail doesn’t offer an option to import OLM file. Thus, we will switch to an alternate way which we had discussed in the above section. If manual technique or method is not workable for you. Then, in that case, you can choose Advik OLM to EML Converter solution. This will definetly help you to export OLM emails to Zoho Webmail account.