How to Send Outlook Email to WhatsApp?

Jackson Strong | June 12th, 2024 | Email Migration

This article will show you how to send Outlook emails to WhatsApp. Below you will find a well-structured step-by-step guide on a convenient way to transfer emails from Outlook to WhatsApp Messenger app. So, without further delay, let’s get started.

WhatsApp is currently the most popular and widely used messaging app. While email remains a basic work necessity, messaging apps such as WhatsApp are becoming popular for quick, real-time communication. You may want to share important emails from Outlook with your WhatsApp contacts.

Although Outlook and WhatsApp are not directly connected, various issues can occur when sending emails from Outlook to WhatsApp messaging app. There are several ways to share Outlook emails to WhatsApp. This guide will walk you through these methods step by step. Read this helpful guide to find the method you’ve been looking for.

How to Share Email from Outlook to WhatsApp Free?

Step 1. Launch Outlook on your computer.

run outlook

Step 2. Choose the email you want to share.

select outlook to transfer into whatsapp

Step 3. Click on File > Print and select Save as PDF.

click print pdf to send outlook email

Step 4. Save the email as a PDF file on your computer.

transfer outlook email to whatsapp via pdf

Step 5. Go to & log in to your account.

send outlook email to whatsapp

Step 6. Click on the chat where you want to send the email.

Click on whatsapp chat to send the emai

Step 7. Next, tap on the attachment icon >> select Documents and choose the PDF file you saved.

select Documents to transfer into whatsapp

Step 8. Click Open and then click the Send button to share the PDF via WhatsApp.

send outlook email to whatsapp

Done!! You can transfer a single Outlook email to PDF to WhatsApp.

Repeat the same steps for the remaining Outlook emails. If you have Outlook emails in bulk and need an instant way, please refer to the below section.

How to Send Outlook Emails to WhatsApp in Bulk?

Try Advik Outlook OST Converter to send Outlook email messages to WhatsApp with attachments. It automatically fetches mailbox data from the configured Outlook profile on your desktop. From there you can select the required email folders and export the same.

Moreover, it has an advanced algorithm that enables you to transfer multiple emails from Outlook to WhatsApp supported file in one single attempt. Also, it maintains a complete Outlook mailbox folder throughout the process.

Click on the FREE download button and check all the working steps now!

Steps to Send Outlook Messages to WhatsApp

Step 1. Run the software and choose configured Outlook mailbox data.

choose configured Outlook mailbox data

Step 2. Select the required mailbox folders to transfer & click Next.

Select the required mailbox folders

Step 3. Choose PDF as a saving option from the drop-down list.

Choose PDF as a saving option

Step 4. Pick a file name from multiple options.

select file naming option send into whatsapp

Step 5. Browse the destination path and click the Convert button to start.

browse destination & click convert to send outlook email to whatsapp

Step 6. The software will export emails from Outlook to PDF files.

exported outlook email data into pdf for whatsapp

Step 7. Login to WhatsApp and drag and drop all the Outlook emails (.pdf) files to contact in your WhatsApp.

send outlook email to whatsapp

Finished!! In this way, you can easily send multiple Outlook email messages to WhatsApp easily.

Let’s take a look at some other benefits of using this automated software.

  • Batch Conversion: This software can easily export multiple emails from Outlook to WhatsApp with attachments without any hassle. You can also choose the selective Outlook mailbox folders to transfer into WhatsApp.
  • File Naming Option: The software lets you organize your converted data by sender, recipient, and date easily.
  • Default Folders: Users can transfer Outlook email messages by date range from all default mailboxes, like inbox, sent items, and user-generated folders.
  • With all Components: The software keeps all parts of the Outlook emails during conversion, including attachments, links, videos, images, and other data. It also maintains the original folder structure.
  • Multiple Saving Formats: This tool offers several options to send Outlook emails to WhatsApp in formats like PST, EML, PDF, MSG, DOC, HTML, and other common file types that allow users to choose the format they need.


This post outlines the easy-to-use methods to send Outlook emails to WhatsApp, both manually and via an automated software. However, a manual method is recommended only if you have a less number of Outlook emails. If you want to batch transfer emails from Outlook to WhatsApp, go for an automated tool only. You can first try out it’s demo version that will let you to export first 25 emails from each Outlook mailbox folder, then move ahead with an premium version.