7 Best Tips to Secure Yahoo Account from Hackers

Christopher Plummer | February 26th, 2024 | Yahoo Mail

In this section, we will discuss top 7 tips to secure Yahoo account from hackers. Go through each method in detail so that you can learn them easily and secure your Yahoo account from hackers.

7 Ideas to Secure Yahoo Account from Hackers in 2024


1. Enable Two-Step Verification

To improve security and secure Yahoo account from hackers, enable two-factor verification. The disadvantage of this method is that hackers will have access to both your emails and phone number if your account is hacked. Use a phone number that you don’t use for any online transactions if at all possible.

protect your yahoo email account from hackers

2. Make a strong password and change it on a regular basis

If you prefer an old password, then you should create one that is much stronger and more complicated. Your Yahoo account password should be a good mix of letters, numbers, and special characters, and should be case-sensitive. We always recommend changing your Yahoo password every two or three months. This eliminates the possibility of password theft.

Secure Yahoo Account from Hackers

3. Limit the number of times you log in

Limit how many times someone can try to log in with an incorrect password before being locked out. In this way, you will get notification that someone is trying to access your account and you can easily take up action to secure your account.

4. Update your recovery information

You can enable security alerts for your Yahoo account. This will enable you to receive a security alert whenever an attempt is made to sign in to your account. An alert will be sent to your registered mobile phone number or email address. If you think it’s suspicious, let Yahoo know and change your password for added security. Also, make sure your account recovery information is up to date so that no one else can access your Yahoo account.

protect your yahoo email account from hackers

5. Don’t save unnecessary emails

Users rarely delete emails because space is no longer an issue with most email services. While convenient, this is a bad idea because it allows hackers to easily discover what other online accounts are linked to that address by searching for sign-up or notification emails from various online service providers.

Sign-up and notification emails can reveal specific account names that are different from the email address.

6. Instead of a password, use Yahoo Account Key

What if you don’t keep a password? It can be hacked or cracked. Yes, Yahoo introduced Yahoo Account Key, an innovative security feature. You must enable Yahoo Account Key. Once done, a notification will be sent to your registered mobile number requesting permission to access your account. Then, your Yahoo account cannot be accessed by anyone else.

Secure Yahoo Account from Hackers

7. Be cautious of phishing emails

To protect yourself from phishing emails that attempt to steal your account information, you should never click on links in emails. These emails may appear to be security alerts, contain instructions for downloading malicious programs disguised as security tools, or direct users to websites that request additional information in the name of “verifying” accounts.

Keep an eye out for such emails, and double-check any instructions you follow.

Bonus Tip: Secure Yahoo emails with Backup Plan

If these methods help to keep Yahoo account safe from hackers, great. Otherwise, you can switch to Gmail. If you’re having trouble with Yahoo Mail, it’s a good idea to transfer email from Yahoo to Gmail. If you don’t want to transfer Yahoo mails, you can use Advik Yahoo Backup Tool to backup your Yahoo mails. This protects your emails from virus and cyber attacks. This tool comes with a free download version capable of downloading Yahoo emails in various file formats such as PST, MBOX, EML, PDF, DOC, CSV and many more. If you need results fast, Yahoo Backup Tool is recommended as it will help you save time.

Final Thoughts

Now you have learned the 7 tips on how to protect your Yahoo account from hackers. Just read and follow the steps outlined in this article. However, if you are unable to follow them, always make sure that you have backed up your Yahoo email account so that you don’t use important information if your Yahoo account gets hacked. They will effectively help you recover your hacked account.