How to Export Gmail to EML Files in Seconds?

Here are two basic and simple solutions to export Gmail to EML files. You can save or convert Gmail email to .eml file format without losing any data. This file type is chosen because it’s safer than other file formats. It cannot be edited or modified. Let’s find out and learn how to get EML file from Gmail with attachments.

Gmail users often need to export Gmail to EML format for various benefits. Such as offline access and data backup. This article outlines both manual and automated methods to download EML files from Gmail mailboxes.

If you are also looking for a solution to export emails from Gmail to EML, read this article till the end. As this blog covers various aspects needed to convert Gmail emails to EML file format.

How to Save Gmail to EML File for Free?

Recently Gmail has added a feature called “Download Message”.  This will allow you to download any Gmail message in EML file type.

Follow the steps to convert Gmail to EML file.

Step 1. Launch Gmail account in your browser and open an email.

gmail to eml

Step 2. Click more icon and click Download Message.

export gmail emails to eml files in bulk

Done! Gmail will download that particular email in .eml file format.

gmail to eml in batch

Limitation: You can export only one email at a time. There is no option to export emails from Gmail to EML files in batch.

So in case you want to download multiple emails from Gmail then choose the below method.

How to Export Gmail to EML Files in Batch?

Check out Advik Gmail Converter, this software is specially designed to export Gmail emails to EML files in bulk. This utility is best suitable to convert emails from Gmail to EML files in batch. Also, while exporting Gmail to EML format, the software maintains the email folder structure without changing the hierarchy properties.

Just click on the FREE download button and check the working procedure at no cost.

Steps to Convert Gmail Emails to EML Files

Step 1. Run the software and enter your login credentials.

Run the software & sign in

Step 2. Select the mailbox folders that you want to export as .eml file.

Select the mailbox folders

Step 3. Select EML as a saving option from the list.

Select EML as a saving option

Step 4. Choose the target location & click the Backup button and analyze the process.

click backup to export gmail to eml

Now, the software will start converting selected Gmail folders to EML files. Once completed, you will get a log report and a destination path will be automatically opened.

Done! This is how you can simply export emails from Gmail to EML files in bulk.

Watch How to Export Gmail to EML Files in Bulk

Some of the helpful features & benefits;

  • Save your Gmail data as EML files with attachments easily.
  • Convert multiple Gmail emails to EML format in one go.
  • Keep all email properties, formatting, and attachments intact.
  • Transfer Gmail mailbox folders to any web-based email client.
  • Option to choose from various file naming options to save resultant EML files.
  • Advanced email filters to convert selected Gmail emails to EML.
  • Install on any Windows (32-bit & 64-bit) OS easily.


It is advisable to choose a manual solution to save Gmail emails to .eml file for a few messages. However, to export Gmail emails to eml files in batch, you can select the professional approach. The software allows you to convert multiple Gmail messages into EML files without losing attachments. Download the trial version and export 25 messages for free.