Free Thunderbird to PDF Converter – Export Multiple Emails to PDF

Want to export Thunderbird emails to PDF in bulk? Try this hassle-free solution i.e. Advik Thunderbird to PDF Converter for instant results.


Quick steps to convert Thunderbird to PDF are;

  1. Run software and Add MBOX file.
  2. Choose PDF as email export option.
  3. Select destination path and click Convert.

Table of Content

  1. Introduction
  2. Ways of Saving Emails as PDF
  3. Free Manual Solution
  4. Advik Thunderbird to PDF Converter
  5. Conclusion


Mozilla Thunderbird is a free and open-source cross-platform email client, personal information manager, news client, RSS and chat client developed by the Mozilla Foundation. This email client is world’s second most popular desktop based email application after Microsoft Outlook. It offer email, contact, calendar, journal, etc useful services free of cost.

The email client allows you to save email messages in various file formats like eml, html, csv, and pdf also. Aprt from this let’s find how many solutions are avaialble to export Thunderbird mbox to pdf.

Solutions Available to Print Thunderbird Mail to PDF

Currently there are two methods available in which you can copy emails from Thunderbird to PDF file along with attachment. One is manual and another is automation i.e. software. In the below article, we will be discussing these two ways to print Thunderbird email as PDF.

Note: Both the solutions has been tested and practically executed. You can choose which ever solution you like without any second thought.

Method 1. How to Convert Thunderbird Email to PDF Manually?

1. Launch Mozilla Thunderbird in your computer or laptop.

2. Open the email which you want to save or download to .pdf.

save thunderbird mail as pdf

3. Click on more button and select “Print” option.

save thunderbird to pdf

4. A pop up window will appear, choose PDF as saving option and click Save.

save thunderbird email as pdf

Your email will be saved as .pdf file to you local system.

Challanges You Will Face With this Solution

  1. Time consuming process
  2. No option to download multiple emails at once
  3. Risk of data loss i.e. attachments

Free download Thunderbird to PDF Converter in your Windows PC. This wonderful utility will help you to print, extract, convert, or export Thunderbird emails to PDF in bulk. Yes, the tool is compatible to convert entire Thunderbird folder to .pdf files without any data loss.

Highlights Features of this software

  • Support .mbox file of Thunderbird 91, 78, 68 and earlier versions.
  • Convert mbox to pdf, eml, msg, doc, html, txt, etc file formats
  • Maintain folder and sub folder hierarchy and email attributes
  • Export multiple emails to PDF in single attempt
  • and many more

Steps to convert Thunderbird to PDF with attachments are;

Step 1. Run Thunderbird to PDF Converter tool.

export thunderbird to pdf

Step 2. Click “Add File” and add Thunderbird .mbox file.

thunderbird to pdf converter

Step 3. Choose PDF as saving option from the list.

free thunderbird to pdf converter

Step 4. Select output target location to save resultant files.

export thunderbird emails to pdf

Step 5. Click Convert button to start conversion process.

thunderbird to pdf converter

This is how simple the Thunderbird to .pdf conversion process is. You can export emails from single as well as multiple email folders in one fell swoop.


Despite knowing the fact that manual technique is very simple and easy to perform. However, if you want to export multiple emails, you need to opt for Advik MBOX Converter. As the software will help you to convert entire mailbox folders to .pdf file without losing any information. Download for free and convert 25 emails in trial version.