How to Backup Gmail to QNAP Storage Device?

Christopher Plummer | March 13th, 2023 | Data Backup, Gmail

Many users thought that there are limited sources where we can safely backup and store our files. But, do we ever think that our files are stored safely? Let’s make it clear in this article. We have discussed the methods on how to backup Gmail on QNAP by following a simple and easy procedure. 

Gmail is one of the most widely used email services. It is a free and open service provided by Google. It has billions of active users. Gmail is used regularly due to its popularity among users and its free service. It provides 15 gigabytes of free space storage capacity. Gmail is one of the most dedicated and trusted websites, however we cannot afford our data security and in that case we need a special storage device where we can back up our valuable information.

QNAP is a Taiwanese corporation proficient in network attached storage devices used for file sharing, storage management and monitoring applications. It is a device that consists of two or more hard drives that are connected via the Internet. QNAP is popularly known as a backup hub which has storage space to store all your important files, data like images, videos, music etc. This device can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Hi! I used to save Gmail emails to flash drive. However, it is no longer useful to me. I want to try QNAP. And I find it difficult for me because I don’t know the process of backing up Gmail to QNAP? Is anyone facing a similar problem? Can you share how you do and if there is a new process to follow? I appreciate your help! Thank you.

– Chiwetel Ejiofor [United Kingdom]

What is the Need for Backup Gmail to QNAP

There are many reasons why users want to back up their Gmail in a safe place. After all, data is important to everyone and no one wants to lose it at any cost.

  1. To create a copy of data: Many users do not want to take the risk in the near future, so they always opt for a backup option so that they can restore their data in case any misfortune occurs.
  2. Human-caused event: We are prone to make mistakes when we are working with technologies. We cannot manage different things with the same mind. We have to capture a lot of things at the same time and it may happen that we can lose our data with just one click.
  3. Size limit: As we know, Gmail provides 15GB capacity storage facility to the users and it may not be enough for the users and it requires more storage space and in that case store Gmail in QNAP to store Gmail. would be the best option.
  4. Removes trashes: When we are using something beyond its limits it is certain that things will go awry. In case of Gmail if we are using it continuously then we may not use it properly due to loading server issues.

Method 1: Copy Gmail Folders to QNAP Using Takeout Services

The Gmail users can manually backup their data using google takeout method which is offered by google to it’s users.

Steps to backup Gmail using Google takeout:

1. Search “Google takeout” and you will be redirected to the page .

tap “create a new export”.

2. Select “Mail” from the options list. and deselect all other components.

how to backup gmail to qnap

3. Tap “Next Step”.

4. Select file type, frequency and destination.


Now, you will receive a download link to your Gmail account. It is not an instant process, it may take several hours or days depending your mailibox size.

Once you will receive download link, click on that link and when asked to save target location to save file, select QNAP device from my PC.

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Limitations of method:

  • This is a complex method and can’t be used by users with limited technical skills.
  • It is a lengthy process and will take a lot of precious time and effort of users.
  • Data compressed in smaller size which further reduces it’s originality.

Method 2: Save All Emails from Gmail to QNAP in One Attempt

A professional tool is one that is able to meet your needs with just one solution. Advik Gmail Backup Tool is designed in such a way that works efficiently in backing up your data in less time. It is 100% safe, secure and ad-free. It is widely used by the users as it does not require any technical skills, its authenticity makes it different from others and with some distinctive features which are discussed below in this article.

Follow the steps to backup Gmail to QNAP storage device;

Step 1: Install and run the Advik Gmail backup tool in your system.

Step 2: Enter your Gmail login credentials to sign in.

how to backup gmail to qnap

Step 3: choose mailbox folders from where you want to take backup.

export all attachments from gmail

Step 4: Choose file format as per your choice.

how to backup gmail to qnap

Step 5. Click Destination path and choose your QNAP device then, click Save.

download aol messages to flash drive

Step 6: You can also apply email filters as per your choice.

download gmail emails to qnap

Step 7: Tap “convert” button and your backing up process will start.

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Gmail backup is essential when you need to secure your data in a safe place, the data needs to be exported through a perfect approach. We can deal with this requirement either by adopting manual tricks or by using professional tools to backup Gmail emails to QNAP. There are many limitations to the manual methods, but not so in the Advik Gmail backup tool. Hence, one must read this article to understand the backup needs and choose a method that meets their choice.