How to Import Google Takeout to Thunderbird Email Client?

Jackson Strong | June 27th, 2024 | Email Migration

In this guide, we will explore two effective methods to easily import Google Takeout to Thunderbird: using Add-Ons and automated software. So, let’s begin to learn the step-by-step guide with detailed explanations and screenshots.

Google Takeout is a valuable service for users looking to download their data from Google services, including Gmail. Mozilla Thunderbird is a desktop-based email client that offers email, address book, calendar, tasks, and other services. However, importing Google takeout data into Thunderbird can be tricky. The reason is that the Google takeout isn’t supported by Thunderbird. But no worries, you can extract emails from Google Takeout into MBOX file and import them into Thunderbird.

Check out the below sections and explore the methods to choose the best for you.

How to Import Google Takeout to Thunderbird Via Add-Ons?

This is a free technique by which you can easily open your Google Takeout .mbox to Thunderbird. Follow the below step-by-step instruction guide to find out the solution.

1. Open Mozilla Thunderbird on your PC and click the Thunderbird Menu icon.

2. Next, select the Add-Ons and Themes option.

select the Add-Ons & themes

3. Search for the Import/Export NG plugin and install it.

Search for the Import/Export NG plugin

4. Now go to the main screen and right-click on the Folder dashboard area.

5. Navigate to ImportExportTools NG >> Import MBOX file.

import google takeout to thunderbird

6. Browse your Google Takeout file from your PC and import it into Thunderbird.

Browse your Google Takeout file

Done! Thunderbird will display all your emails from the Google Takeout Data file.

Common Issues and Troubleshooting with Manual Method:

Issue 1: MBOX file not recognized.

Solution: Ensure the file is not corrupted and is in the correct format.

Issue 2: Emails not displaying correctly.

Solution: Check Thunderbird’s folder settings and re-import if necessary.

How to Transfer Emails from Google Takeout to Thunderbird in Batch?

Download and install the Advik Google Takeout Converter on your system. This software will convert Google Takeout MBOX to Thunderbird with attachments in one go. The tool uploads the Google Takeout data file and exports it to the default location where your Thunderbird data is saved. After that, it will automatically sync with your Thunderbird profile.

Click on the FREE download button and check the complete working procedure.

  buy button

Steps to Import Google Takeout to Thunderbird

1. Run the software and click Add Files.

run the software and add google takeout file

2. Locate your Google Takeout MBOX file into the software.

locate your google takeout file

3. Select Thunderbird from the saving options.

Select Thunderbird from the saving options

4. Click Convert to start the importing process.

click convert to import google takeout to thunderbird

Now, all the data will transferred into the Thunderbird local folder.

Open Thunderbird on your system and check all the imported emails there.

Apart from this, many more features will help you to import Google Takeout data to Thunderbird easily. Some of them are;

  • Transfer multiple Google takeout files to Thunderbird in a single attempt.
  • Maintain folder hierarchy of Google takeout mailbox data throughout the process.
  • Easy-to-use GUI which can be used by technical & non-technical users.
  • It also import Google Takeout to Office 365, another Gmail account, Yahoo Mail, etc.
  • Free trial version to import 25 emails from Google takeout file to Thunderbird.


Both the above methods are perfectly worked in the trial. You can choose the solution as per your requirements. According to experts you need to choose wisely whether to install Third Party Add-Ons to your email client that stores your personal information. To overcome this issue, you can go for mentioned software for this task. You will get multiple email migration and extraction features.

Common User Questions

Q1: Can Thunderbird read Google Takeout mail files?

Ans. No, Thunderbird doesn’t offer any direct option to open Google Takeout file into Thunderbird. However, it can be possible only via Add-Ons which we have discussed in this blog.

Q2: Is my data secure during the import?

Ans. Your data is secure and safe in an automated method only. A manual solution doesn’t guarantee any data integrity and security.

Q3: Can I transfer large Google takeout file to Thunderbird with your software?

Ans. Yes, you can easily import large Google takeout file to Thunderbird without any issues. All the files will get into Thunderbird with complete data items and the original folder hierarchy.