How to Transfer iCloud Email to Gmail Account?

If you are tired of searching for a solution to transfer iCloud email to Gmail, finish your search. In this blog, we will discuss a reliable way to migrate iCloud emails to Gmail account with attachments. Also, you will get the merits and demerits of using both solutions so that you can make a wise decision to switch from iCloud to Gmail with two easy approaches.

Migration from iCloud to Gmail is the most searchable query because users need changes from time to time. However, the choice of email service depends on individual preferences, which can evolve. Search engine results indicate a shift from iCloud to Gmail, likely due to Gmail’s advancing features. The decision to import iCloud to Gmail varies from user to user but still, some common reasons initiate this migration process. The major issue that iCloud users face is limited storage space. Everyone will get 5 GB of FREE iCloud storage space which is less in Gmail’s comparison which is 15 GB shared across all the Google apps.

Due to the above reasons, several users want to transfer iCloud Mail folder into Gmail account. Unfortunately, they are not finding the right way to perform this email migration. So, let’s go through the two easiest ways to migrate from iCloud to Gmail. Here, we will be sharing both manual and professional methods by which you will be able to move iCloud mailbox folders into Google Mail. 

How to Import iCloud Mail to Gmail Manually?

  1. Open your Gmail account and navigate to the Settings option.                                                                      logn to gmail account
  2. Select the Account and Import option and click Import Mail and Contacts.go to account and import option for icloud to gmail migration
  3. Enter your iCloud email login credentials and sign in.                Enter your iCloud email login credentials
  4. Enter your iCloud IMAP Settings and click Next.
  5. Select the Import Mail option from the list and click Import.

Done! Now, Gmail will start importing emails from the iCloud account.


Despite having a simplified and free way to import iCloud email to Gmail, the method has a few limitations. Here are the drawbacks that you might face during migration.

  • No Email Filter Option
  • May Take up to 2 Days to complete the migration
  • No Mailbox Folder Selection Option

How to Transfer Emails from iCloud to Gmail Directly?

If the above method doesn’t fulfill your needs, then go for an automated solution. As professionals seek a direct and effortless way to execute their tasks, and Advik iCloud Email Backup Tool is one of them. You can use this tool to migrate iCloud email to Gmail account directly without any issues. This tool also allows you to choose selective email folders from iCloud Mail to transfer into Gmail. Also, it has a very easy-to-use and simple GUI so that any user without any technical assistance can use it independently.

Download the software for free and try it now.

download button  

Steps to Transfer iCloud to Gmail

  1. Run the tool and sign in to your iCloud email account.Run the tool and sign in to iCloud account
  2. Select the iCloud mailbox folders that you want to export.Select the iCloud mailbox folders
  3. Choose Gmail as a saving option from the list.Choose Gmail as a saving option from the list
  4. Enter your Gmail login credentials.Enter your Gmail login credentials to transfer icloud email to gmail
  5. Apply email filters if required and click Backup.Apply email filters if required and click Backup to import icloud email to gmail

Finished! Now sit back and relax. This is how you can export iCloud emails to Gmail without facing any error or glitch.

These were the simple and easy steps to import emails from iCloud to Gmail. Now we will understand the whole process through a video tutorial.

Watch How to Import iCloud to Gmail

Apart from performing the above function, the software is loaded with dozens of useful features.

  • Transfer emails from iCloud to Gmail, G Suite, Office 365, etc account.
  • Multiple email saving and migration options.
  • In addition, you can export iCloud to PST, PDF, EML, etc.
  • It also allows you to select specific emails and mailbox folders for migration.
  • Email filtration option that can be applied for specific email transfers.
  • Also, backup iCloud emails to PC as well


To change iCloud email to Gmail, a lot of users search for a way to migrate efficiently. As there is no direct manual way to do this task, users can refer to the two possible ways to transfer data from iCloud to Gmail account. However, to easily and effortlessly transfer iCloud mail to Gmail account, a professional solution is the most recommended. A FREE version is also available which allows users to test the tool before upgrading to a licensed version for unlimited migration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. Can I transfer my iCloud email to Gmail??

Ans. Yes, you can use this tool to import emails from iCloud to Gmail with attachments.

Q 2. How can I link my iCloud to my Gmail??

Ans. Method 1 in the above tutorial explains how you can add your iCloud email account with Gmail.

Q 3. How do I move iCloud email folder to Gmail?

Ans. The software allows you to select and move desired iCloud folder to Gmail.

Q 4. How do I transfer iCloud email to Gmail account in one single process?

Ans. With an automated, you can easily transfer multile iCloud emails to Gmail in one go.

Q 5. Can i send email from icloud to Gmail?

Ans. Yes, refer this article to get two easy ways to import iCloud Mail to Gmail account.