How to Migrate SquirrelMail to Roundcube?

Jackson Strong | May 13th, 2024 | Email Migration

This write-up is the complete guide to migrate SquirrelMail to Roundcube mailbox in a few simple clicks. Throughout the post, we will talk about the best possible way for migrating emails from SquirrelMail to Roundcube along with attachments.

SquirrelMail, established in the early 2000s, was once renowned for its lightweight design and simplicity. However, it has become outdated over time and lacks support. In contrast, Roundcube is a webmail service commonly utilized by cPanel users. With its modern interface and abundant features, it is favored by many. Hence, users often seek to transfer their SquirrelMail emails to Roundcube accounts due to these compelling reasons.

However, there is no manual approach to migrate SquirrelMail to Roundcube. Regardless to that, there is an automated approach that complete the migration process without any hassle. Let’s start with.

How to Transfer SquirrelMail Emails to Roundcube?

With the help of Advik Email Migration Tool, one can easily transfer their data. The software with its simple and user-friendly interface can swiftly migrate SquirrelMail to Roundcube in a few simple clicks. With this solution, there is a batch mode that allows you to migrate emails from multiple SquirrelMail accounts into Roundcube in a few simple clicks.

Download the demo version of the software.

Steps to Migrate SquirrelMail to Roundcube

1. Run the software on your machines.

2. In the email source section, find the SquirrelMail option.

3. Enter your login details and hit the Login button.

Enter your SquirrelMail login details

4. Select the email folder you want to export.

Choose email folders

5. Choose the saving options from the list.

Migrate SquirrelMail to Roundcube

6. Enter your Roundcube login details and hit the backup button.

Migrate SquirrelMail to Roundcube

Done! Here start the SquirrelMail to Roundcube migration process. Some of the other advantages of using this tool –

  • Allow to select email folder to selective migration.
  • Batch mode to transfer SquirrelMail to Roundcube in batch without data loss.
  • Maintain email folder and sub-folder hierarchy and structure.
  • Preserve email key elements and attributes while migrating.
  • Works on Windows and Mac machines without any hassle.
  • Advance filter options transfer emails from a particular user or time.


Here in this post, we discuss the efficient and secure approach to migrate SquirrelMail to Roundcube automatically. You can also try teh demo version of teh software. The trial version of the tool will migrate 15 emails from each folder.