How to Open Password Protected PST File Without Password?

Christopher Plummer | March 17th, 2024 | Outlook

Check out the top 3 techniques to open Password Protected PST file without Password. This tutorial is only for educational purposes and doesn’t promote any unethical activity.

If the PST contains sensitive or confidential information, users may need to encrypt it to protect the PST content from unauthorized access.

Also, sometimes users receive a PST file that needs to be unlocked with a password before you can open it.

Usually, you can decrypt the encrypted PST file with a key and access it.

However, it happens a lot like in the above-mentioned scenario, it is the tendency of human nature to forget the password. We can’t remember everything in this world. Usually, users forget the password of the PST file and are unable to open it. Don’t worry. This blog will show you the three most-used ways to open password protected pst files. Moreover, reliable software is recommended here to crack passwords for the pst file.

Why to Protect PST File With Password?

  1. Often your employees may share a password-protected PST File with you. This is great from a content security perspective, especially for confidential content.
  2. Password protection for PST is also a must when sharing important personal information or emails, contacts, etc.
  3. If you are handling large business organizations of the Security department. It is obvious that you ask your employees to apply password protection to their PST Files to secure their important information. This eliminates unauthorized opening, copying, and misusing.
  4. If you are dealing with patent-related information, if a PST file falls in the wrong hands, a company’s intellectual property may be at risk. However, if the PST file is protected with a password there is a very less possibility that anyone unauthorized can open the file and misuse it.

In all the above situations, you need a reliable and effective way to open password protected pst file.

Losing access to an important PST File is a very frustrating thing. But don’t lose hope. This section provides you with the three methods on how to crack password protected PST file. As there is no official solution provided by Microsft to unlock Password Protected PST File, We have given two manual and one professional solution to open password protected pst file without the password. Just go through each method separately so that you can easily open password protected pst file.

How to Open Password Protected PST File?

Step 1. Install and Run Microsoft Outlook 2010.

Step 2. Open MS Outlook 2010 and go to File>>Account Settings and choose Account settings.

open password protected pst file

Step 3. In, the account settings tab, click “Data Files” now select the path/location of the Outlook Data file and tap the settings.

unlock password protected outlook pst file

Step 4. A new window tab will open, named – Outlook Data File, click on the “Change Password”.

crack password protected pst

In this way, you can change the password and access the Outlook Data File.

How to Crack PST Password Using pst19upg.exe?

The PST files can be protected by encryption, but if you forget or lose your password, you can’t access them. A lost password results in a loss of data, which is a huge loss for a professional need. So, in addition to method 1, you can also use the free Microsoft utility pst19upg.exe.

You can download it from their official website, and it can delete the password from the PST file.

Follow the steps mentioned below to unlock password-protected PST files.

Step 1. First, close the Microsoft Outlook application if you’re using it.

Step 2. Locate the scanpst.exe program, which is pre-installed with Microsoft Outlook.

Scanpst.exe can be found in the following places:

For Microsoft Outlook 2002 and XP: C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MAPI\\scanpst.exe

Microsoft Outlook 2000: C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MAPI\\NT\scanpst.exe

For Microsoft Outlook 97/98: Outlook 97/98

and for other least Outlook Versions;

open password protected pst file

Step 3. Launch it and select “Repair” and proceed further to create a backup of your PST files before starting this step.

Note: Don’t create a backup copy if you are already using a backup copy instead of the original PST File.

open password protected pst file

Step 4. Launch the CMD prompt. Click “Start window key” >>“Run” or press “Window Key” + “R”.

Step 5. Copy and Paste the PST file path into the command prompt.

Step 6. A PST file with the name “abc.psx” will be created automatically which represents your current file name.

Step 7. Rename this PST file to your old PST file at this point.

Step 8. In the command prompt, type “pst19upg.exe-new filename.psx” and press the Enter key.

Step 9. If everything goes according to the steps correctly, you’ll have a PST file without a password.

Step 10. Finally, launch Scanpst.exe to fix the newly created PST file.

Step 11. Now launch MS Outlook and verify that the file is secure.

Limitation of Manual Solution;

  • There is a drawback to this manual solution. Only Microsoft Outlook 2002 and earlier versions are capable of using it. Consequently, you cannot use it with Microsoft Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, or 2003. Additionally, it can only remove passwords from ANSI PST files and not UNICODE PST files.
  • Also, to use this first method, you need to install Microsoft Outlook 2010.
  • To avoid the limitations of manual solutions, we recommend using the following automated solution. Go through the upcoming section to know more about this method in detail.

How to Open Password Protected PST File Without Password?

Advik PST Password Recovery Tool is the perfect way for you if you are looking to open a locked PST File. It is a sophisticated tool that enables users to open password protected pst file Without Password. It also allows you to convert PST into multiple file formats such as MBOX, EML, PDF, MSG, EMLX, DOC, and more. The tool is completely safe, secure, and user-friendly. It is extremely feature-rich and performant, which makes it unique to crack passwords for PST file.

The software requires almost zero technicalities, users can Break PST File Passwords with just a few clicks. It is extremely simple to Unlock PST Files with this tool. It is a powerful software that supports PST files of  Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2011, 2007, etc.

Download the software and try it for FREE.


Steps to Open Password Protected PST File

1. Launch software and click “Select Files” to add PST file.

crack password for pst file

2. Select PST file mailboxes and click Next button.

open password protected pst file

3. Choose PST from saving option list.

crack password protected pstcrack password protected pst

4. Select a target location to save new PST file.

 unlock password protected outlook pst file

5. Click Convert button to start process.

crack password for pst file

The software will export data from Passowrd-protected PST into a free PST file. The software simply remove the password protection and copy its data to new PST file. The new PST file will have all the email, contacts, calendar, folders, etc data.

This is one of the best alternate way to open Password protected PST file without Passoward.

Watch How to Open Password Protected PST file Without a Password

Wrap It Up

We hope that by trying the above methods, you can open password protected pst file without the password.

Many online tools can help you open protected PST documents. However, it is important to choose the best tool both from a security and affordability perspective, otherwise, you may face huge data loss. However, the automatic software fits both criteria. It is high-quality and secure software because the files remain only on your desktop. Moreover, the tool is completely free to first test its efficiency and then upgrade to its premium version to use it to unlock password protected outlook pst file without any limitation.