How to Migrate Emails from Zoho Mail to Gmail?

Check out this blog to transfer Zoho Mail to Gmail account in a few simple steps. Here, we will discuss both manual and professional solutions. Read them carefully and choose the solution that suits best your needs.

Zoho is an email service used by many small business users. But the times are changing now. Nowadays, people want to use a more secure and safe email account. As your email consists of a lot of crucial data. And no one competes with Gmail in terms of advanced emailing features, safety, and security. If you also thinking of the same, you will find this article very helpful.

Now, the question arises how do I migrate emails from Zoho Mail to Gmail? Well, there are two ways through which you can accomplish this task. First, you can manually import emails from Zoho to Gmail account. And another one is using an automated solution. Here, we will discuss each one with step-by-step instructions.

Let’s move on to the best 2 solutions to complete this task easily.

How to Transfer Zoho Mail to Gmail Free?

1. Open your Gmail account in the browser and click the gear icon (settings menu).

2. Hit on Settings and then select Account and Import Tab.

3. Click the Import Mail and Contact option.

4. Now, enter your Zoho Webmail IMAP configuration settings.

enter your Zoho IMAP configuration settings

Now carefully submit details of your Zoho Webmail account. After successful submission, Gmail will synchronize and collect all emails from your Zoho Business Email account.

Note: The above manual solution will export only the INBOX folder without selective migration. Also, it is a time-consuming solution. Hence, you have to wait until the whole data is imported from the Zoho Webmail account.

How to Migrate All Emails from Zoho to Gmail Automatically?

Try the Advik Zoho Mail Backup Tool to transfer emails from Zoho to Gmail with attachments instantly. This utility is specially developed to migrate Zoho emails and attachments to Gmail and other email platforms. Also, the software maintains folder hierarchy and key elements throughout the process. Moreover, it will also offer an email filter option for a selective migration process.

Click on the FREE download button and analyze the working process in just 5 simple steps.


Note: Use Gmail App Password to Sign In.

Steps to Transfer Zoho Emails to Gmail Account

Step 1. Run the Zoho Mail to Gmail Tool on your system.

run the zoho mail to gmail migration software

Step 2. Choose Zoho as an email source and enter its credentials to sign in.

Choose Zoho as an email source and sign in

Step 3. Select the required mailbox folders.

Select the required Zoho mailbox folders

Step 4. Choose Gmail as a saving option.

Choose Gmail as a saving option

Step 5. Enter Gmail login details and then click Backup.

Enter Gmail login details and then click Backup to migrate emails from zoho mail to gmail

Done!! The software will start migrating emails from Zoho to Gmail.

After the completion of the process, you will get a notification message with a complete log report.

Thereafter, login to your Gmail account and check all the transferred emails there.

Watch How to Export Zoho Mail to Gmail

Benefits of using an Automated Software

Additionally, there are many benefits of using this utility that will help you to ease this process. Some of them are explained as follows;

  • Maintains key elements and metadata of emails throughout the process.
  • Preserves folder and sub-folder hierarchy of Zoho Mailbox while transferring emails.
  • Offers to download all attachments from Zoho Mail in one single step.
  • Move complete mailboxes from Zoho Mail to Gmail directly.
  • Use advanced filters to migrate emails within a specific date range, by email address, subject, etc.
  • Checkboxes allow you to select or deselect folders for migration.
  • This tool automates the migration to Zoho Mail’s IMAP by simply asking for account credentials.
  • It works on both the latest Windows and Mac OS operating systems.


So, we are done with providing two easy and simple approaches to migrate emails from Zoho to Gmail. We have explained both manual and professional solutions so that users can choose any of those as per their needs and requirements. However, the manual approach is not free from several limitations, so it is required to read them carefully and switch to another approach to avoid any issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I transfer Zoho email to Gmail?

A. Yes, you can transfer Zoho emails to Gmail using automated and manual solutions both.

Q2. How do I redirect Zoho email to Gmail?

A. You can set up email forwarding in Zoho Mail to redirect emails to your Gmail account. It can be done with its Import email account feature.

Q 3. How to migrate from Zoho to Google?

A. Use the Advik software to move your emails from Zoho to Google Mail directly.

Q 4. Can I use my Zoho mail in Gmail?

A. Yes, you can add your Zoho mail account to Gmail and access your Zoho emails from there.