How to Migrate GoDaddy Email to Office 365?

Jackson Strong | July 20th, 2023 | Email Migration, GoDaddy

Learn the step-by-step instructions to migrate email from GoDaddy to Office 365 account. This is the most frequently asked query that we are going to discuss in more detail.

GoDaddy and Office 365 are popular brands but both are unique in their respective fields. As we know, nothing can beat GoDaddy for domain registration and hosting services. However, it also has an online service for paid emails with business accounts.

However, Office 365 is an email service that offers various additional functions in addition to email service. It can be accessed via Android, iOS, and other email clients as well. It provides users with tools to keep communication centralized and more convenient.

Both GoDaddy and Office 365 deliver amazing services. Still, numerous users are looking to transfer emails from GoDaddy to Office 365 due to many reasons.

Let’s move on to the two easy approaches that will surely help you to move GoDaddy email to Office 365.

How to Move Godaddy Mailbox to Office 365 via Outlook?

As there is no direct option offered by GoDaddy to transfer its emails to Office 365. Still, we will try this manual approach to export GoDaddy email to Office 365 using Outlook. Implement the following steps carefully to manually migrate GoDaddy email Office 365 account;

  1. Install and Open the Outlook application on your system.
  2. Now, click on the File tab and choose info>>Add Account option.
  3. Enter your GoDaddy email address and press the Connect button to configure.
  4. Then, Go to the File menu and choose Open & Export, then select Import/Export.
  5. In the Import/Export Wizard, select the Export to a file option and click Next.
  6. Choose Outlook Data File (.pst) as the file type and click Next.
  7. Browse a location where you want to save the exported PST file and click Finish.
  8. Again, Run Outlook and choose the Add Account option to configure the Office 365 account.
  9. Then, by using Import/Export Wizard, Import the exported PST file to the Office 365 mailbox folder.

The manual process of exporting GoDaddy emails to PST files can be quite lengthy and time-consuming. Additionally, it might not work if import export greyed out in Outlook.

How to Migrate GoDaddy Email to Microsoft 365 Instantly?

Advik GoDaddy Email Backup Tool is a completely secure and reliable application to import GoDaddy email to Office 365 webmail. This software makes it possible to move email from GoDaddy to Office 365 with attachments. The automatic interface of this program makes it simpler for users who don’t have many skills to carry out this process. Not a single chance of data is there and the whole process is carried out safely and securely.

Therefore, it is undoubtedly a reliable and time-saving approach that offers more in a single solution.

Users can also download the FREE trial edition of this software to know the easiest steps as well the other benefits of this handy application at no cost;

Steps to Migrate GoDaddy Email to Office 365 Easily.

1. Install and Run the email backup wizard on your system.

2. Then, select your email source from the provided option and enter the details of your account.

choose godaddy email source

3. Thereafter, choose the required email folders as per your choice.

select godaddy email folders

4. Select Office 365 as a saving option from the given list.

select office 365 as saving option

5. Enter your Microsoft Office 365 email address and press the Backup button.

click backup to migrate godaddy email to office 365

6. Now, a new tab from Microsoft will appear on your screen, enter your password and click on the Sign in button.

enter password and sign in to migrate godaddy email to office 365

In a few seconds, all of your selected GoDaddy emails will be successfully transferred into your Office 365 account.

Login to your account and check the exported emails into it.

This tool for transferring GoDaddy email to Office 365 is incredibly user-friendly, requiring no technical expertise. This software offers a range of advantages, including;

  • Migrate multiple GoDaddy email accounts to Office 365 with the Batch Mode feature.
  • It provides various data filters such as sorting emails by date range, subject, email address, and more.
  • Also, migrate GoDaddy to Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Office 365, Google Workspace, Zoho Mail, etc.
  • This utility also preserves all email attributes like subject, sender, recipient, Cc, and Bcc, as well as attachments.
  • You can also export GoDaddy email to PST, EML, PDF, MSG, DOC, and many other document and email file formats.
  • It is compatible with various Windows versions, including Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, and Vista etc.

Final Words

Migrating your email from GoDaddy to Office 365 may seem like a complex process, but by following the steps outlined above, you can ensure a successful transition. Taking the time to plan and execute the migration carefully will help you minimize disruptions and seamlessly migrate GoDaddy email to Microsoft 365.