How to Fix Gmail Not Receiving Emails Issue?

Jackson Strong | October 12th, 2023 | Gmail, Gmail Errors

In this article, learn some tried and tested solutions to fix Gmail not receiving emails on iPhone, Android, PC, etc. This guide will provide several ways to address this issue with the important causes that are troubling you. So, if you have the same query read on!!

Gmail is one of the most popular email services out there that is owned by Google. Needless to say, it is extremely popular since it provides such a reliable and efficient way to send/receive emails. However, there are times when users often face unavoidable issues related to their Gmail account.

Why is my Gmail not receiving emails? For instance, Gmail not receiving emails is one of these issues that can be caused by several factors. The most common cause is Gmail downtime, or Gmail storage full not receiving emails can also be the major cause. As, if your Gmail storage has been full with a lot of spam and unusual emails, Gmail won’t allow you to receive more emails until you increase Gmail storage space or delete some irrelevant emails.

In the upcoming section, we will guide with some possible solutions you that you can use to fix Gmail not receiving emails in different ways.

How to Fix Gmail Not Receiving Emails Issue?

1. Check Your Internet Connection: Before you get into the more advanced solutions to fix this issue, start with the basics first. You must ensure that your internet connection is stable and functioning properly. A weak or disrupted connection can prevent Gmail emails from syncing to your mailbox folders i.e., INBOX.

2. Temporary Service Outages: Sometimes Gmail may experience temporary service outages or downtime. Check Google’s status page to see if there are any ongoing issues. As it can cause you to not receive emails on Gmail.

3. Check Email Forwarding Rules: Gmail offers the option to forward emails automatically to another email address. It’s possible that you have set up forwarding rules that are transferring to different email addresses and you are not receiving emails on your Gmail account.

To check and disable any forwarding rules, follow these steps;

  1. Log in to your Gmail account.
  2. Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner.
  3. Select “See all settings.”
  4. Navigate to the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab.

Ensure that no email forwarding rules are active.

4. Check Gmail Filters: Gmail allows you to set up filters that automatically sort your emails into specific folders. Make sure you haven’t set up any filters that are diverting emails away from your inbox into spam or any other folder.

5. Verify Blocked Addresses: Sometimes emails from certain senders may be blocked or marked as spam and you are not receiving emails from that account. Try to check that you haven’t blocked or marked as spam any email address from which you want to receive Gmail emails.

Alternate Solution to Fix Gmail Stopped Receiving Emails

You can backup Gmail emails with Advik Gmail Backup Tool then you can delete unusual emails that are no longer needed. As, if you delete some important emails by mistake then you can’t easily recover them after a long time. But, a backup copy of Gmail email data allows you to access Gmail emails anytime and anywhere. With this easy-to-use utility, users can export Gmail to PST, EML, PDF, MSG, DOC, HTML, and many other file formats with so much ease. It is considered the perfect way to download Gmail emails to hard drive/PC/Computer and then delete them from the server to fix Gmail not receiving emails issue.

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If Gmail is not receiving emails, you can apply any of the explained methods. As noted, this issue is caused by different factors but the good news remains that there is a solution for every issue. We have explained the causes and solutions why Gmail not effectively receiving emails so that anyone can easily understand it.

However, if you have been facing this issue for a long time then Gmail storage space might be the most effective cause, and deleting emails can only be the solution left with you.